Monday, April 21, 2014

Fashion Travel Essentials

Spring Travel Style

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I love to travel! This year I've already been on a cruise, have trips booked for NYC and Philadelphia, as well as a weekend getaway to San Francisco in the works. But the only downfall of vacations is the packing, and repacking again and again. I'm always over packing for fear of leaving something behind that I may need. But it doesn't have to be that difficult. The key is to make a list of fashion travel essentials that are versatile.

Enter the Joules vacation shop. A British-based clothing site that provides affordable shipping and free customs charges, Joules has a bunch of adorable pieces. And the vacation shop is a great resource for your travel needs. Among my favorite items are my personal travel essentials for Spring/Summer.

1. Simple Dress: Pack a dress that doesn't wrinkle. You can wear it for a nice meal or a casual tour.
2. Lightweight Hat: If you're like me, you hate applying sunblock. You'll need a hat to shade your face.
3. Practical Shorts: Bring shorts that are the right length and won't ride up while walking around.
4. Comfortable Shoes: A lot of walking means sore feet. Prevent extra pain with practical shoes.
5. Basic Top: You may have to wear a top more than once, so pack a basic, comfy one to repurpose.
6. Go-To Swimsuit: Even if water isn't anticipated, have a suit that you feel confident in just in case.

What items do you have to pack when going on vacation?

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Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Joules. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Gwen Stefani, New Coach of The Voice

Image via

Perez Hilton and TMZ reported that Gwen Stefani is stepping in to replace Xtina as a judge of The Voice Season 7!

Seems those rumors of Christina Aguilera not returning to the show due to her pregnancy were spot on. When I worked The Voice red carpet with the judges and Carson a few weeks ago, they were tight-lipped on the return of the show's most outspoken star. But is Aguilera skipping a season or gone for good?

With the recent announcement of Pharrel joining the cast, it makes sense for Gwen to sign on as well. They've worked together on previous records (ahem mega-hit “Hollaback Girl”), are friends, and Gwen made an appearance at Pharrel's Coachella set last week.

So what do you think about everyone's favorite Orange County girl joining the cast of The Voice judges? She certainly has the talent and experience to coach hopeful singing talents.

Check out previous The Voice posts:
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Glitter Champagne Bottle Tutorial

You know that saying, "it's about the journey not the destination"? Nah. I'm going to help you get to the desired destination without some of the unnecessary steps along the way. This glitter champagne bottle tutorial is to help you avoid the mistakes I made. So let's jump into it!

Materials: bottle of champagne, Mod Podge, sponge paint brush, glitter
Cost: About $20 for Mod Podge, adhesive spray, glitter, and sponge brush
Time: No real prep, application is about five minutes, drying is recommended for several hours

Application Method

Step 1
cover champagne bottle with the glue, stopping near the top to allow for cork removal

Step 2
pour glitter all over the bottle

Step 3
 let glue dry - Mod Podge claims only 15 minutes is needed, I recommend at least an hour

Step 4
spray bottle with adhesive glue

Step 4 is where I went wrong. After the glitter and glue are dry, you still need to seal the glitter to avoid flaking. Instead of the spray, I followed a tutorial that suggested re-applying a layer of Mod Podge. Big mistake! That actually started stripping all of the glitter off and made the process much harder than it needed to be. But lucky for you, I have the solution to missing glitter should you need to apply more - step 5.

Step 5
mix glitter and glue, apply with sponge by patting (not brushing)

The glue will look thick, but that's OK it dries clear.

Let the bottle dry overnight to be safe, and voila! Your glitter champagne bottle project is completed. Are you singing "throw some glitter make it rain" in your best Ke$ha voice? Because I am...

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On the Red Carpet With the Top 12 of The Voice Season 6

Yesterday I hit the red carpet with The Voice's Season 6 Top 12 contestants for some show insight, gossip on the judges, and musical aspirations!

While I got to talk to all of the contestants, except Team Blake's country star Josh due to time (which I was super sad about because he seems hilarious), unfortunately I didn't snap pictures of everyone. Here's a look at eight of the power-house singers in the Top 12 I did get photos of.

T.J. - Team Usher  |  Sisaundra - Team Blake
Audra - Team Blake  |  Bria - Team Usher
Dani - Team Shakira  |  Tess - Team Shakira
Kristen - Team Shakira  |  Josh - Team Usher

Every single person was extremely sweet and genuinely excited to be a part of The Voice. It's so refreshing to be around talent that has a real love for their craft! In addition to everyone professing their love for their coaches who really are invested in each contestant, a few common topics kept coming up: Adam smells amazing, the coaches are down to earth, meditation and staying calm before performances helps a lot, and if given the opportunity to perform with anyone, Stevie Wonder landed on the wish list more than once.

Since the very beginning Team Blake's Sisaundra has been a front runner to win it all. Her voice is unreal. Later that night I heard her sing live and I legit had goosebumps. It was so fun speaking with her. Check out the interview a fellow reporter and I conducted with her:

During the Top 12 concert hosted after the red carpet, each singer surprisingly sounded even more amazing than they do on TV! For awhile I thought they may be lip singing - they were all so perfect - so I intensely concentrating on their lips to see if anyone would slip up. I finally heard one or two contestants with very minor pitch issues (which probably only I heard since I was hoping for it) confirming that the were indeed belting out the songs. The level of talent is unreal! To be honest I was iffy on quite a few of the Top 12, partially since I'm bitter Jake from Team Adam is gone, but I have to give everyone credit - each contestant is worthy of winning Season 6.

Tune into the live performances next Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. You finally get a say in who stays, so vote!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lia Sophia Jewelry Giveaway!

I want to introduce you to the darling designs of Lia Sophia jewelry! I recently attended my sorority's formal as an alum which required dressing up and it was the perfect opportunity to show off my beautiful pieces from the line. I'm wearing the Maiden Bracelet and Flamenco Earrings.

I'm obsessed! The versatility of the earrings and bracelet make them perfect for fancy affairs or adding a pretty pop to casual looks. I'm all about jewelry that you can wear again and again, for multiple occasions. And I'm also all about giveaways...BOTH of these glam pieces are up for grabs!

Giveaway open to US residents only, sorry! Contest ends next Tuesday, April 22. Good luck!

Be sure to check out Lia Sophia jewelry. With a wide range of designs featuring everything from trendy baubles to classic styles, there is a little something for everyone.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

DZ at Sea

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Delta Zeta alums
Newport Beach Sunset

As a Delta Zeta alum, every now and again I accompany Kathrin to formals (she's an advisor). This year when she mentioned it was on a boat in Newport Beach I was all in! I mean, a chance to take in a gorgeous sunset overlooking the ocean? Sold.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, I have TWO giveaways! Also on JTG this week, a glitter champagne bottle tutorial + I'm hitting The Voice red carpet again and will have coverage of that. Stay tuned!

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