Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fall in Boston

First thing's first I'm the realest I GOT A JOB! I don't want to jinx anything but I'm super excited. Big company, I'll be a manager, nice people - it's about time! I start Monday AND they're also flying me to Boston same day for three days of training. So not only am I employed, I'll also get to see fall in New England. That's a big deal for this Southern California native who's current fall is 80 degrees and foliage doesn't exist.

I may have over-glorified autumn in New England, just because I expect every single trees to be perfectly orange and perfect - but here's what I'm hoping to see next week:

I apologize in advance because my blogging may suffer over the next month or so until I move closer to work and things settle down. Please bear with me :)

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No White Flags

I chose to forgo the Ice Bucket Challenge over the past few months for a few reasons. One being that the drought in California is so bad that we can't afford to waste any water, like at all. Another is I felt a lot of people participating were only doing it because it was the cool thing to do and celebrities were in on it. Having worked to produce non-profit charitable events for five years I appreciate the campaign so much! It was genius and spread a lot of awareness which is a really wonderful thing. But while I applaud what the Challenge accomplished, it was also frustrating that a lot of people were all about the popularity and didn't donate.

Before I get attacked - because I know a lot of bloggers participated - I want to iterate that I am not putting anyone down who accepted the Challenge. I am only expressing my disappointment that some didn't take the time to think about ALS and what the buzz was actually about. I am pro anything for a good cause!

Team Gleason - No White Flags

Although I didn't participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, I did support through a cause that's important to me - Team Gleason. It's a campaign that I've been following for years. A former New Orleans Saints player, Steve Gleason is a symbol of the city's rebirth after Hurricane Katrina. The first game back in the Superdome, Gleason blocked a kick proving New Orleans could bounce back. In 2011, a few years after that monumental play, he was diagnosed with ALS. Since then, Gleason and has been an inspiration to many. You don't have to be a Saints fan, or even into football, to necessarily know about him. Gleason has been featured on A Football Life (a very good look into his life with ALS), and was in a Microsoft commercial (also cool if you can spare a minute to watch) played during last year's Super Bowl, showing how those living with this terrible disease can do so much thanks to technology.

Team Gleason's motto of never giving up can be applied to anything in life - no white flags!

Team Gleason - No White Flags Tank

Thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge, the light shed on this terrible disease has been amazing! But don't forget it's more than a fad, you should support causes YOU are passionate about. Donate where you feel is best. There are so many worthy causes.

If you do want to support this specific cause, consider ordering some Team Gleason merch. Proceeds go toward helping those with ALS and spreading awareness. I have the tank pictured above, displaying Gleason's famous punt block. Be aware that sizes run small.

To learn more about Steve Gleason, Team Gleason, and ALS, visit

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Let's Get Lost

Looking for a book to read? I highly recommend YA novel Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid.

I'm admittedly a lazy reader. If I am not sucked into the story right off the bat I lose interest pretty quickly. I have so many books I've never finished. It took me three months to get through Gone Girl. My Kindle contains stories that are still bookmarked on Chapter 1. It's a real problem. So the fact that I was hooked on Let's Get Lost as soon as I started speaks volumes.

Here's a little overview, provided by publisher, Harlequin Teen:
Four teens across the country have only one thing in common: a girl named Leila. She crashes into their lives in her absurdly red car at the moment they need someone the most. 
There's Hudson, a small-town mechanic who is willing to throw away his dreams for true love. And Bree, a runaway who seizes every Tuesday—and a few stolen goods along the way. Elliot believes in happy endings…until his own life goes off-script. And Sonia worries that when she lost her boyfriend, she also lost the ability to love...
The mystery of the main character, Leila, intrigued me. I couldn't tell what she was up to, or if she was good or bad. It's was all a mystery, except for the fact she was hiding something. The book is split up into four sections, one for each of the other characters Leila encounters, and as the story progresses we get a few more hints along the way. With each clue her character unfolds until we get to see who Leila is.

By the end of the book (which I can totally see being adapted to film) it all felt together so perfectly in a way I never saw coming.

Let's Get Lost just came out in August and already has a Goodreads rating of 3.8 out of 5 and Barnes & Noble puts it at a 4.5 out of 5. And this is Adi Alsaid's first book - really impressive. He's got a great career ahead!

Be sure to pick up your copy, available pretty much anywhere you'd buy books!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Life Lately

Life is pretty good in these parts. I've been enjoying "fall" with pumpkin donuts, football, haunted houses, and much more. I can't wait for cooler temps, sweater weather, and Halloween movies. Let's finish strong, October!



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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Beautiful Orange County Beaches

Every fall I get insanely jealous of the rest of the country who gets the real autumn experience. Cool temps, pumpkin patches, pretty leaves. We have all of those things, but on a very small scale. Instead of being bitter that we're STILL hitting 90 degree temps into October, I'm going to focus on the positive - the beautiful beaches of Orange County. I mean, right in my backyard there is the Pacific Ocean, sandy beaches, and palm trees galore. If I can't have a cozy fall, incredible weather and breathtaking sights aren't so bad.

I recently took a trip down PCH to explore beaches that I normally don't visit. I grew up going to Huntington and Newport that are known for surfing and lots of beach to lay out on. Picturesque SoCal. But the stretch between Newport and San Diego are smaller and rockier, with a lot of private beach access. AND, unfortunately a recent hurricane in Mexico made for large waves which engulfed what little beach real estate there usually is. Regardless, each stop on our adventure was so gorgeous.

So I give you my fall - San Clemente, Dana Point, and Lauguna Beach!

San Clemente Pier, CA
Laguna Beach, California
Laguna Beach, CA
Dana Point, California
Laguna Beach, CA

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