Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nautical Inspired

Sorry for being M.I.A.--work is overwhelming =( 

Last week I bought a cute outfit at Forever 21 and wanted to share the fabulousness that is the bargain prices of F21! It was very nautical inspired and I so wanted to take off and go sailing somewhere on the East Coast...I was thinking off the coast of Boston!

Blake Sweater Cardigan $10.99 (I paid $12.80!)

Sorry the purse photo is so small =/

I also wore an H&M anchor necklace that matched perfectly.

Speaking of this theme, check out Nautical by Nature. This blog is awesome and features all things sea/preppy/girly. 

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Night of Funny People

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of attending A Night of Funny People which was a taping of a movie due to premiere July 31, named Funny People. Starring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Leslie Mann, and a million other great comics, including this hilarious guy I had never heard of named Aziz Ansari, the movie will definitely not fall short of a celebrity cast. 

Basically I paid $30 to go to the famous Los Angeles Orpheum Theatre to see awesome comedians act out their parts in the film. I wish that I could have seen Sandler and Rogan out of character, but still, it was a great night. And all of the proceeds benefited multiple sclerosis. 

The actors had to play some pretty raunchy comedians (kinda expected since 
it is a Judd Apatow film--he was the producer of the films The 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up, and maaaany others); however, it was all in good fun and we were pre-warned.

That night, surprise comics included David Spade and Sarah Silverman. Also, I spotted Jonah Hill in the audience a few rows down from us. So the place was packed with talent.

I must say that Sandler is always attractive, but so was Rogen. He's my celebrity, "not so thin guy" crush. (Jimmy Kimmel is on that list as well haha!) I don't know why, but I just think that Rogen is rather hot. He has slimmed down, too. That night he joked that he currently looks like a skinny guy that is getting chubby, rather than a chubby guy losing weight.

So, be sure to check out Funny People when it comes out. You just my see me in the audience laughing my ass off!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lisa Kline Online Shop Closes

The famed Lisa Kline online boutique close shop on Jan. 15. The shop known for it's high-end brands and celebrity clientele is suffering just like the rest of the country. Now I'm not sure that this is the exact reason for the online store shutting down, but I can imagine it's potentially due to poor sales.

The site launched back in Feb. '08, less than a year ago, and I had the pleasure of interviewing the woman behind the successful brand. You can check out the post on Beauty Chat.

In a time when people aren't splurging a lot, it makes sense that a pricey retailer would not be doing so well. I do hope that her flagship Robertson Blvd. store, along with the others, do OK.

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Monday, January 12, 2009

And the Winner is...

Tiffany! Congrats to the lucky winner =)

Thank you to all who entered the contest--your blog suggestions were great and will definitely be used. Tiffany's entry stuck with me, though, because she suggested I blog about Hollywood life more. Since I am shopping for an apartment, I figure I'll do a "mini-series" of my experience!

Once again, I really appreciate everyone's support over the last year. I look forward to everything that the next years holds as well. THANK YOU!!!

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Forever 21 Findings

I have been waiting for months for the Forever 21 shop to open at The Shoppes by my house. Finally, my dream has come true! The XXI store, as it is called, is big that I got lost several times. OK, not lost, but I kept walking into the same room not knowing I had already been there. And there are three doors so I didn't know which one to leave out of.

This location has six large rooms, with three smaller ones in the middle that connect everything. They even have guys clothes--which I didn't know they sold.

During my visit I picked up a sweater that matches perfectly with my Kenneth Cole boots. Because they are brown, I have been having a difficult time matching them up with clothing. The sweater, the Shalyn Swing Cardigan, retails for $27.80. Not bad.

I also got a cute little cap. I will post pictures of the beanie soon. I love the look!

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Gossip Girl--I Totally Get it Now!

I was one of the seven girls in the entire world that wasn't a Gossip Girl follower...until last night. For some reason or another I never jumped on the bandwagon; therefore, I never knew what I was missing. 

But, because all of my favorite bloggers frequently mention the show, I figured I had to check it out (thanks all!). So me and my bloggin' buddy, Stephanie, ordered some delicious Mexican food and plopped ourselves in front of the TV to watch Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episodes 1-4.

I'm in love!

As I had figured, the wardrobes were stunning. I'm thoroughly jealous, especially 
of Blair's style. And the characters are so greatly developed that you really adore or hate them. Even though she's a bitch, I kinda like Blair. And, Serena may be kinda slutty but that's OK, I forgave her! And then there's Chuck. I know he's only a character, but I want to punch him in the face! (Side note, in real life Ed Westwick is not even that cute. Why would Drew Barrymore "date" him?!) Def. a fan of Dan and Nate though ;) 

I know I am way behind, and it does happen, but at my viewing stage, I am dying for Serena and Dan to get together!

So until the next episodes arrive, I'll be checking my mailbox frequently for that little red envelope from Netflix. I am hooked now!

I did the same thing with Dawson's Creek. I never watched it when it was on TV, then became obsessed a few months ago when I discovered its greatness. I'm a little late with things I guess...

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Great Gifts

I know it's been a week since Christmas, but I still wanted to share my three favorite gifts. Although the holiday should be enjoyed for religious purposes, and I am getting old to get too excited over presents, it's always nice to partake in the gift exchange.

The best gift I received was from my friend Sarah who surprised me with a gorgeous Betsey Johnson Butterfly Bling Clutch. I can't wait to go to a fancy party where I can tote this precious, yet edgy, bag around.

My practical gift was a Garmin nuvi 760. Working in LA and not yet living there has gotten me lost quite a few times. I have been in some pretty sketchy areas while stupidly looking for Starbucks shops.
My nerdy/fun gift was the Scrabble 50th anniversary edition. I am such a scrabble freak that I play by myself! No joke, I've played at least 3 games a day just being lazy while on vacation.

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