Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When you wish upon a star...

Sometimes you just need a little magical inspiration to start the week. Enjoy ♥

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Ben Affleck

Happy Memorial Day to my fellow Americans! If you know someone who has served, be sure to say thank you today. We're so lucky to have all that we do, thanks to our incredible servicemen and women.

In honor of this holiday, let's celebrate with one man who saved our country - and the entire world - Ben Affleck! OK maybe he didn't really save the world in Armageddon, but he played the part so well. And Pearl Harbor? oh.em.gee. What a war hero. How could you not fall in love with him?!

Although Good Will Hunting put Ben on the map, I think Armageddon was the film that caused women everywhere to take notice. I know my teen butt was in the theater watching him fight a huge rock plummeting at earth. I know I had a few posters of Ben on my wall from the movie (the first two below ;)

This is one celebrity hottie that I was actually excited to see get married. I love Jennifer Garner and I think that they're perfect for each other. Sorry J Lo, but you two just didn't make ANY sense.

Birth Name

Date of Birth
August 15, 1972

Born In
Berkley, California

Grew Up In

Notable Roles
Good Will Hunting
Pearl Harbor
He's Just Not That Into You
The Town

Family Life
Married to Jennifer Garner, two daughters: Violet and Seraphina

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion Fridays: Pumps!

Pump, pump, pump it up! This week's installment of Fashion Friday is all about a love shared by most of us women - heels! The right pair of shoes can really add extra pizazz to an outfit. Personally, I wear a lot of black so I like to use a bright pair of pumps to liven things up.


Do any of you remember the bad ass pumps from below? Months back I blogged about my friend's rock star wedding...like she literally married a guy that play guitar for a huge musician...well these are the pumps she wore on her big day (read about it here). Pretty fabulous if you ask me!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pink & Green Thursday: Home Decor

This is a repeat post from two weeks ago. When Blogger went cray cray this post disappeared. Sorry to those of you who have already seen it (although I think the number was pretty small).

I've sort of been searching for a new apartment so homes have been on my mind a lot for the past two weeks. Here is some pink and green decor inspiration that I came across. I def wouldn't mind any of my rooms looking like these beautiful spaces!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Week in{stagram} Photos

I'm obsessed with my Instagram app! Everything I see I want to take pictures of and add cool effects to. Although I've had this app for a few months, I'm like a child with a brand new toy. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the week.

I tend to use the X-Pro II and Lomo-fi settings because they are so bright. Hefe is also pretty great.

Do you use Instagram?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Summer Must Haves Swap

This weekend I received a great little package from Gennie of Life As I Know It. She was my partner for the After "I Do" Summer Must Haves Swap, and I have to say she did a fantastic job on my package!

She got me sour candy, headbands, mugs, stickers, Cosmo, bubble bath, a picture frame, and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball (we both have a love for softball/baseball).

Within a day I had eaten my Jolly Rancher Sours and busted open the Sour Patch Kids...shh let's pretend like I have self-control. Plus I wore one of the adorable headbands. I was so excited with everything Gennie got me. Check out the loot:

Thanks to Krysten of After "I Do" for hosting this swap and thanks to Gennie for the wonderful package :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Hayden Christensen

Let's talk Hayden Christensen for this week's edition of Man Candy Monday. Maybe not one of the first guys you'd think of when debating Hollywood's hottest hunks, but Hayden definitely has his own appeal.

I first took note of Hayden as a college student in a print journalism class. He was the lead role in the film "Shattered Glass", a true story depicting Stephen Glass, a journalist who got caught for making stories up. Although he was a huge nerd in that movie there was still something about him. Since then, he seems to get more and more attractive.

Birth Name
Hayden Christensen

Date of Birth
April 19, 1981

Birth Place
Vancouver, British Columbia

Notable Roles
Star Wars: Episodes II and III
Factory Girl
Vanishing on 7th Street (a small but pretty good movie!)
Shattered Glass

Relationship Status
Off and on with Rachel Bilson - the two were once engaged

I get that he may not be your ideal of man candy, so what do you think?

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fashion Fridays: I Love San Fran!

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I Love San Fran by LeeannM

Lately, San Francisco has been on my mind so I decided to display my ideal SF outfit. From the tunic to the pumps, this is exactly what I'd wear for a night out on the town (hopefully with the wonderful Claire of Bicoastally!!).