Friday, June 26, 2009

Get the Perfect Mani/Pedi With my French Tip Dip Giveaway

This is my 200th post! Although there have not been as many posts as I'd like there to be over the past several months, I am getting back in the groove. I can't wait for the next 200 posts to come! To celebrate my milestone, I have a great giveaway you should all enjoy =)

If you haven't heard of French Tip Dip, I am here to introduce you! I have been using the product, a manicure/pedicure tool, for about a year now and I love it. In fact, I used it last night. That's why I am so thrilled to be giving one lucky winner a French Tip Dip gift package.

A regular French Tip Dip kit comes complete with white, clear, and sheer polish, the French Tip Dip tool, three dipping jars, two files, an orange wood stick, a travel case, and a nail polish corrector -- all for $19.99. With this kit, you can get up to 52 applications!

So let's think about that for a minute...$19.99 for 52 manis or pedis. A normal mani or pedi at a salon will cost you about $20, so for the price of one trip to your manicurist you're getting 51 extra manicures or pedicures.

For $5 more, an amazing deal, you can get a kit with an embroidered towel and a 16 ounce Original Bubblegum Scented Remover. I especially love this remover because it really does smell like bubblegum and not toxic remover!

April Baxter, creator of French Tip Dip, came up with the idea because she was tired of spending money on manicures. She decided to develop a do-it-yourself solution and came up with an easy-to-use applicator. Thus the French Tip Dip was developed.

Wondering how French Tip Dip Works?

It involves four easy steps: dip, apply, clear, and dry.

This tool is simply dipped into polish then pressed against the nail to make a French manicure line across the top of the nail. Once mastered, it only takes a few seconds to achieve a beautiful set of tips. It's that easy!

So now that you know all about this fantastic product, I bet you want a French Tip Dip kit for yourself, don't cha?! Thanks to April herself, she is donating a great prize for one lucky Join the Gossip reader.

Here's what you'll get if you are the selected winner:

  • The original French Tip Dip kit

  • The French Colors Collection

  • The French Riviera Collection

  • The Precious Jewels Collection

  • A French Tip Dip Embroidered Towel

  • Original Bubblegum Scented Remover
Because of shipping flammable products overseas and all of the regulations, if you are in a country outside of the US, or your order ships outside of the continental US, you get a different, yet equally amazing set. It includes the French Tip Dip international kit, mani/ pedi towel, and cute and fuzzy jungle pedicure slippers.

To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment and get one entry. Mention this contest in one of your blog posts AND leave me a comment with a link to the mention on your blog and you'll receive two entries. Be sure to leave me your email address if you enter so I can contact you.

The contest will run until Saturday, July 19. Why that date? Because it's the weekend of the CosmoProf conference in Las Vegas. French Tip Dip will be there representing strong and I want to show my support! If you happen to be at the show, stop by the FTD booth and say hello to April. She'll be in Pavilion A at booth A18212.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Photos courtesy of: French Tip Dip

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NYC Prep...Prepare to Be Cancelled?

Last night I caught the debut NYC Prep episode. Before I get into my review I just want to put this out there--yes, I am jealous. They have rich, amazing lives. Who isn't jealous? That being said, I think the show stinks.

An attempt at a real life version of Gossip Girl (the 2nd season will be available on DVD in August!), Bravo falls short on this voyeuristic attempt. They are usually the master of reality, too. I love me some Real Housewives (New Jersey currently), My Life on the D List, Top Chef, Project get the point.

The problem with NYC Prep, I think, is that the characters are too young. I was in their shoes 10 years ago, and I am no saint, but for the most part nothing that crazy happens in high school. The season will inevitably heat up as the episodes continue; however, I wasn't impressed with the first show.

The episode consists of teens shopping, flirting, and eating. That's it. Of course they have attitudes, but most teens do. I wouldn't say that they were overly snotty about their status, but you are well aware while watching that they are wealthy. Most of them at least...

Who really annoyed me was the character Sebastian. Bro, you're 15 and a sophomore, not Gerard Butler. You're not getting all of the action you play off that you are. Plus, girls don't like the cocky attitude. Same goes for PC. Surprisingly I tolerated the girls more than the guys. Camille bothers me a lot as well.

Although a little over the top and straightforward, if I had to pick a "character" I liked the most it'd be Jessie. The girl has great clothes and she's bitchy to the other girls which is comical. At least she's real about it though. The other ladies just play off like they are nice, but they're really just condescending.

Truth may be stranger than fiction, but not in this case. Maybe I was expecting something more scandalous like GG which is nothing near reality, or The Hills which is supposed to be a reality show but is also completely fabricated. Or, maybe I am just too old to care about the lives of those a decade younger than me!

Did anyone else see it? If so, what did you think? Should I give the show another chance?

Photos courtesy of: The Preppy Princess and

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lauren's LA Candy and Tonight Show Segment

I was watching the Tonight Show a few nights ago and Lauren Conrad was one of the guests. She was there promoting her book, but also talking about her experiences over the last five years being one of MTV's main chicks.

A story that was particularly of interest to me was one of the last episodes of this season's The Hills. We all know that the show is staged; however, I was a bit caught off guard to find out just how fake it is...and from a [previous] cast member (since they are usually tight-lipped).

Lauren explained that the infamous telephone apology between her and Spencer was a fraud. No, I don't mean he wasn't sincere. That's a given. I mean she wasn't even on the line with him. According to LC, she didn't even know about the fake apology until the show aired. Holy Hills gossip! So is any of the show real at all? I am not so naive to think the program is real, but I thought the things that happen are staged. After Lauren's story, I can't help but wonder how many of the scenes are actually spliced together after the fact that the cast doesn't even know about, or agree to.

Watch Lauren's segment on the Tonight show.

I know I am 25, but reality TV is a guilty pleasure for me. Therefore, I am kinda interested in getting a copy of Lauren's book "LA Candy." She said that it is based on a character with similar experiences as her true life. Hmm...I recall Nicole Richie saying the same. I have her book, "The Truth About Diamonds," and can say that it is "loosely" based on Mrs. Joel Madden's life. The names may be changed but she's not fooling anyone! It was the best Hollywood gossip that I have ever experienced. She talks ish about Paris, Kelly Osbourne, Kimberly Stuart, and so many more celebs. Seriously, I read it in a day and highly recommend it.

I am hoping that Lauren's ghostwritten book is just an entertaining!

Has anyone picked it up?

P.S. You have to give it to LC, she's looking great at all of these interviews. Her dresses are stunning, the tan is fabulous, and her body is clearly in great shape.

Photos courtesy of: Hometown Hollywood and

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Canadian MAC

I wish I could have posted this sooner, but there's always next time. Today I visited the MAC store online to make some purchases using the current SAVE25 sumo promotion. Upon checkout, I couldn't find where to enter the discount code (duh!) so I started instant messaging an online rep.

She helped me out more than I could have imagined. You see, after my discount was entered I noticed that I wasn't receiving free shipping for my over $60 purchase. She insisted that I should be able to use the discount code and get free shipping for my hefty purchase. The nice lady gave me two customer service phone numbers. I tried the first one a few times only to receive a busy signal. Frustrated, I tried the second number.

What happened next was a pleasant surprise. I learned that I called the Canadian customer service number but was certainly able to place my order over the phone. The delightful voice on the other end of the telephone proceeded to tell me that because I had called the Canada number my order would have no tax. Fabulous!

By the end of my call, I had purchased all of my products and saved over $20! No tax, 25% off, and no shipping. Wow, those Canadians really are as nice as everybody says =)

For $50 something, I made out with a Pro Palette Eye Shadow X 4, Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, Eye Shadow/Pro Palette Refill Pan in Ricepaper, Select Sheer/Pressed powder, and Prep + Prime Skin. The powder and primer alone would have cost the amount I paid for all of the items I bought. AND the rep threw in a free mascara for me. I'm sure it's a trial size, but it's MAC...I'll take it!

The SAVE25 discount is good today, so you may still be able to get your order in. It's worth a try.

From now on, if you are going to order from MAC I suggest you call the Canadian customer service number 1-800-387-6707. You welcome! ; )

Photos courtesy of: MAC

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dove + Gossip Girl = real nyc stories revealed

Awhile back, Dove partnered up with Gossip Girl to create the video series "GOSSIP GIRL: Real NYC Stories Revealed." It's about the real lives of four young women living the life in NYC. It's a great glimpse into these ladies' love, work, friends and family lives.

Here is the rundown of the characters:

  • Dani- "It girl" with an enviable job and a gossip worthy life

  • Chrissie- A fashion designer on the rise inspired by great friends
  • Lara- An Upper East Sider making her own rules

  • Faythallegra- A filmmaker with limitless talent but limited funds

You can check out the gals and their stories by visiting here. And while you're at it, be sure to check out the new Dove Body Wash.

If you haven't experienced it yet, now is the time! It's a body burst soap in the amazing scent of nectarine and white ginger. Every time I take a shower, I catch myself smelling my arm and craving some delicious fruit! Sad, but true...

Photo courtesy of: Dove

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Black & White

Many may say I am plain, but I prefer the term classic. I love old things, history, and black & white colors. I am trying to decorate my apartment in all black and white, well at least the art.

About a year ago, my eye was caught by a breathtaking framed photo sold at Target. However, it was a little pricey and I lived with my parents still and had nowhere to put it. Here is is, in all of its magnificence =) :
I know it's simple, but I adore it. It measures 29in x 41 in x 3 in. Now that I have a place to hang it, the last photo left at my local Target is damaged. I may order online. It's $100 though, and I have been spending a lot on apartment necessities, so I may hold off. Here are some more great pieces of black and white art that can be found at Target online, all for $100 as well. The first one also measures 29 in x 41 in x 3 in, and the second is 20 in x 20 in:

I also came across another great piece, that's only $44. It measures 12in x 12in:

I would take any of these great pictures! I found two similar ones at Kohls that were smaller (about 12 in x 12 in) and cheaper. Both were only $40 together. Kohls frequently has buy one get one free art deals. The images I have are similar to the first two pictured above and I love them. Unfortunately I couldn't find them online =(
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Boots Baby, Boots!

June gloom has settled over the skies of Southern California. I am not sure if this happens in other areas, but it's always so cold during the beginning of June. Right about now I am regretting that I didn't purchase boots after winter when they were on sale. But alas! There's still hope.

Thanks to the great people over at Whooga Boots, you can snag yourself a pair of comfy, stylish ugg boots at a great price!

Simply visit the site here and shop for your perfect pair of boots, then proceed to checkout. Be sure to enter the discount code: JOINTHEGOS to receive a $30 (US) and 9 pound (UK) discount. Yup, it's that easy!

My personal favorite pair is the Gold Tall Ugg Boot. I also adore the Tan Weave Boots - Classic Tall

It may be summer, but Fall will be here before you know if, then the holidays. A quality pair of boots would be a great gift. Keep that in mind while browsing the site ; )

This discount is open to all Join the Gossip readers, but for one purchase only. Take advantage of the great deal today! 

Photo courtesy of: Whooga Boots

Friday, June 12, 2009

$30 WELL Spent

Eye, Lip & Cheek Palette by The Body Shop -- it will change your beauty life!

A few months back I was thrilled to get this fabulous makeup palette and I have been using it non-stop ever since. It's full of everything you need, and in the most beautiful colors. The palette comes complete with:

  • Super Volume Mascara
  • Liquid Lip Color Pale Pink Sparkle and Golden Coral
  • Cheek Color 04 Golden Pink
  • Eye Shimmer 01 Silver
  • Eye Color 26 Shell Pink, 38 Spearmint, 20 Slate
  • Mini Blusher Brush and Mini Eyeshadow Brush

The colors are complimentary for all skin types and can be worn for a subtle sexy look, or played up for going out. Versatility with makeup is always a plus.

I love the shimmer of both the lip gloss and the shadow. The blush is my absolute favorite right now, to. I wasn't sure how I'd like the mascara because it's in a smaller tube than I am used to, but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

Also a humongous bonus: the palette is only $30! All you need to complete a makeup look (and then some), The Body Shop is providing consumers with quite a steal. You really can't beat the price. The company is really considering the buyer and the economy with this product.

Packaged perfectly in a thin, magnetic box with a big, useful mirror, this cosmetic treat is perfect for traveling. It has all of the makeup you would need on a trip and it's easy to carry along with you. There's nothing worse than trying to stuff eye shadows, blush, mascara, lip glosses, etc., into a makeup bag/case. It takes up so much room and powder tends to get everywhere. But now that I have this palette, I don't have to pack. Woo hoo!

If you are seeking quality makeup that is travel-ready and sold at a great price, the Eye, Lip & Cheek Palette is your best bet!

Visit The Body Shop to purchase this product, along with all of their other cruelty free goodies. They are currently having a sale with items up to 50% off which you should check out. I am currently eyeing the Nature's Minerals Bronzing Powder, a must-have for summer. 

The Body Shop is such a wonderland! And now I have the John Mayer song in my head...

Photo courtesy of: The Body Shop

Monday, June 8, 2009

In My Absence I Have Been...

I know I have been majorly slacking in the posting department—my apologies! As I have mentioned a million times before, my daily commute to work is four hours…or should I say was?

Yup, I finally did it! I moved to Los Angeles. I am on the border of Los Angeles and West Hollywood to be exact. For those of you who are unfamiliar with LA, almost all of the cities here are considered LA, even if they aren’t. And cities are broken up by locations within the cities. There are literally different zip codes by street.

So Hollywood isn’t just Hollywood. There’s regular Hollywood ( Hollywood Blvd. complete with the Walk of Fame and Kodak Theatre), North Hollywood (Universal Studios), and then there’s West Hollywood (lots of hot, but unfortunately gay, guys walking precious dogs on Santa Monica Blvd., the Sunset Strip and Melrose). Oh yeah, and you can’t forget the Hollywood Hills where the celebs dwell in their mansions.

Anyways, I moved last Saturday and I am just about settled. I have some more unpacking to do but the big moving is over.

I can’t wait to settle in and have life. I have been so exhausted that I haven’t gone out or done much in months. I’m 25, it’s time to start living!

So now that my commute will be less than 20 minutes round trip, I should have much more time to get back to my regular blogging. I used to post everyday, so this sporadic business has sucked.

Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me. I appreciate it more than you can imagine.

You can expect an apartment post soon!

P.S. I few things I have gotten to do recently include seeing my favorite band, 311. They played a secret show and it was amazing. If you’re a fan, or if you have yet to hear of the band but love good music, check out their new album Uplifter. It’s perfect for summer!

I also stood in line early in the morning to meet Mark Hoppus and buy Blink 182 tickets. Pete Wentz (Mrs. Ashley Simpson was also there).

Photos courtesy of: my camera,, and Sunset Strip Real Estate for Sale

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And the $50 CUBE Winner is...

Tough Cookie!

To choose the winner, I had my co-worker, Michele, pick a number and that lucky number was 3 (Tough Cookie was the third person to leave a comment, so she won!).

Be sure to check out The CUBE at Marshalls for hot styles. And for some great reading, head over to Tough Cookie's blog- Going Down Swinging: A RSD Blog. It's incredibly insipirational and certainly puts life into perspective.

Thank you all who entered the contest, I appreciate you taking the time to visit and read the blog. Please keep coming back for more gossip!

Photo courtesy of: Tough Cookie