Thursday, July 29, 2010

Marc Jacobs Resort 2011 Womenswear

If only I were rich. I wouldn't want much, just to live in Hancock Park - the original home of the rich and famous before Bev Hills was developed - and have a wardrobe full of designer clothing. Ahh...a girl can dream, right?

And since I am daydreaming, the Marc Jacobs Resort 2011 Womenswear collection is what is on my mind.

Jacobs is on the marc (pun intended hehe ;) with his 2011 Womenswear! I really like this collection as a whole. It's very classic Chanel and I think that's what draws me to it. I have a passion for the whole granny chic thing though, as I have mentioned on this blog several times.

What do you think about it? Do you like the throwback fashions he's presenting?

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Party!

This weekend I will be celebrating my...yikes...27th birthday. God, I'm old!

I'm planning on going to a bar/club in West Hollywood and need the perfect outfit. Most of the time I'm all about comfort - which is probably why I prefer dive bars, because I can dress as I please. However, birthdays are only once a year and deserve dressing up!

On a recent trip to Forever 21 I spotted a skirt and fell in love. I knew that it'd be the skirt for my party. The only problem was finding a top to go with it because of its polyester material.

On a repeat trip to F21 this past weekend I found a cardigan that matches pretty well. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on the store's site. This horrible iPhone/mirror picture will have to do.

I'll probably also wear a pair of leggings or tights. I will be drinking and don't want to have any Britney Spears moments. With panties though, of course!

I didn't quite get my heels in the picture. They are these The Touch of Nina peep toes that I bought last summer at Famous Footwear. I never wear them because after an hour of so my feet are barkin'! I have tables reserved for my night out and don't dance so I don't expect to be on my feet much. That's the only reason I am going to wear them.

I am a bit worried that the outfit is a little too preppy for an LA club, but hey, it's my party and I'll dress how I want to! ;)

What do you guys think? Not right for a birthday celebration, or do you approve?

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Victoria, BC

Since I can remember, my mom has told me stories about visiting Victoria as a young girl. And being in Vancouver and not knowing if I'd ever get the chance to go back, I had to go! Victoria is 43 miles from Downtown Vancouver, the only problem is Victoria is a city on Vancouver Island so you have to take a ferry. Because I didn't have a car to get to the ferry, I decided to sign up with a tour bus company, Land Sea Tours. It was pretty expensive, about $190 Canadian, but worth the price. Included in the tour was a pick up from my hotel at 8 am, free admission for the ferry, admittance to a museum of my choice in Victoria, and my entry was paid for Butchart Gardens, and then the tour dropped me back off at my hotel at 9 pm. No way I could have done all that without a tour.

I have never been higher than San Francisco and didn't realize that Washington branches up into British Columbia territory. Going through the Straight of Georgia on the ferry, Washington was on one side and BC on the other. For a period of time I even got to use my phone because I was in US waters (it's way pricey to use your phone out of the country so I didn't do it often).

After an 1 1/2 hour cruise, I arrived on Vancouver Island and we made our way to Victoria. My highlight was having afternoon tea at The Empress. This is am AMAZING hotel. It's the closest to England I have ever been. Afternoon tea at this swanky establishment is not cheap! I had to make a reservation and was lucky to get one for my $76 (with tip) experience. Included with the tea are finger sandwiches and desserts, along with a box of teas to go. While the food filled me up and was tasty enough, you are definitely paying for the atmosphere. I don't even like hot tea, but I wasn't skipping this opportunity.

Fun fact: Pamela Anderson and Steve Nash are both from Victoria.

Next we headed to Butchart Gardens! This amazing setting started off as a garden at the home of the Butchart's and expanded over time into the beautiful attraction it is today. Not much can be said that would outshine these pictures I took:

On the ferry home I saw two orca whales. Unfortunately they were far away and didn't really go above the water, but it was still quite exciting. And of course, the day was ended with the famous, beautiful sunsets that I grew to love.

One more Vancouver post left! Stay visiting =)

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Was Named Prom Queen!

OK maybe I'm a bit too old to be a real prom queen, but I am a blogging prom queen thanks to Yelena of Style My Happiness! So here's the drill, I get to crown 10 of my awesome bloggin' buds prom queens as well.

You all should check out these blogs. Just like all of yours, theirs are really great blogs as well!

Photos courtesy of: each of these lovely ladies' blogs