Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rock the White

It's Friday, Friday, Friiiiday! Although it has been a short work week it's was a tough one. I'm ready for the weekend! I plan on spending some time with my mom and aunt, catching the LA Kings Stanley Cup Game (GO Kings GO!), then working some Sunday.

Today for Friday's Fancies, the goal was to create a "rock the white" look. Although I've never worn white pants, the pair below grabbed my attention. I would even consider rockin' them!

Blue and White

For me this is a classic outfit that I'd wear for a weekend outing the movies and dinner. What about you? What are you wearing and doing this weekend?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Michael Kors Jamesport

Thanks to my friend's husband who came home and surprised her with TWO Michael Kors bags, making me incredibly jealous, I decided I needed my own new bag. I drove all the way to the Tanger Outlets in Barstow (which is really only an hour and 15 minutes but in the desert so it feels like an eternity away) to go to the outlets where he bought her bags.

There were so many purses that I liked and it was pretty difficult to choose my favorite, but I finally did, a large Michael Kors Jamesport satchel in black. It's beautiful and I'm pretty obsessed with the bag.

There is a strap so I can wear it over my shoulder...

...and handles so I can carry it.

The best part? Since it was an outlet, the bag was already $40 off. On top of that they were having a sale for an additional 40% off. AND my amazing mom informed me that malls have coupon books so we picked one up and got another 20% off. So I got $40 + 60% off! After all was said and done I snatched a bag that retails for nearly $400 at a mere $170, which isn't much in the scheme of things.

My mom also got a bag!

The moral of the story, use coupons and ask if the coupons can be combined with other discounts!

Beach Essentials!

Today I'm guest posting over at Selma's blog, Crazy Little World of Mine. Head on over and check out my summer SoCal beach essentials. Here's a sneak peek of some of my must-haves!


Happy Wednesday, friends! We're halfway to the weekend!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Oysters Rockefeller

Despite the fact that the weather was less than warm this weekend, I was determined to partake in some essential summer dining - seafood. We headed to TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Brea, Orange County, California) to get our fix.

My friend had never tried oysters before and I had only had them once (last month when I went to New Orleans I had a fried oysters po' boy sandwich) so we both decided to try the Oysters Rockefeller. The version we tried were topped with spinach, hollandaise sauce, and bacon. Um, I have been missing out! They are delish!

I also ordered the lobster and shrimp role, my friend chose the ahi tuna burger, and we both got a cocktail.

The prices are a little on the high side - our split lunch check was $33 per person before tip - but totally worth the splurge. And if you're looking to just get out and get a drink, there are over 30 styles of ales and lagers on the menu.

If you live in Southern California and find yourself in Brea, I recommend TAPS Fish House & Brewery.

P.S. Because I didn't get my last Man Candy post up this week, look for one more link up next week. It's the last time I'll be hosting the bloghop so stop by and join the fun. I hope you'll blog about your man candy of the moment and link up!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend is Here!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my friends! I hope those of you here in the States have a happy, long weekend ahead of yourselves. And more importantly, I hope you'll take a few minutes to give thanks to a service member and really think about the sacrifices that our military has made, and continues to make, to ensure our freedom.

Vibrant Yellow

This weekend I won't be up to much. I plan on heading to my parents' to BBQ and have a sleepover at a friend's - complete with booze and The Vampire Diaries second season.Yup, that's the life of a soon-to-be-29-year-old!

At some point I'd love to partake in some seafood consumption on a nice airy patio. Wouldn't this look above be a great for just that? Too bad it's supposed to be chilly and rain this weekend. So I'll just pretend to be wearing this outfit in warm weather.

Since it's Fiday I'm linking up with Long Distahnce Loving for Friday's Fancies and Blonde Episodes for Fashion Friday. Head over to these fabulous blog to get your fashion fix and join in on the fun.

Have a great weekend and be safe everyone!

See and Be Seen

Thanks to the good people over at Anastasia of Beverly Hills, I was sent a See and Be Seen Set before it hit stores. Complete with an eyeshadow duo, two lip glosses, and tinted brow gel, this kit has almost everything you need!
The shadows are subtle but pretty, the brow gel helps me tame my unruly eyebrows, and the Plastic lipgloss (the pink shade) is my newest obsession. It's been my go-to gloss since I received it. It's a bright neon color that adds of pop of fun to my beauty routine. I am totally bummed that I misplaced the other lipgloss. The coral would be a fun color to try out.

You can pick up the See and Be Seen Kit at Sephora for $44.

I was given the kit for free in exchange for an honest review. All of the thoughts and opinions in this post are mine.

Photos courtesy of: Sephora and me

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Visiting The City that Care Forgot

Today I have a special post! It's written by Tiffany, my friend who traveled with me to NOLA. This is her take on New Orleans and a super fun read. Unfortunately she doesn't have a blog (let's convince her to take the plunge and create one!!) but she is on Twitter as @tiff_gee and Instagram also as @tiff_gee.

I’ve wanted to visit New Orleans since, well forever. I had the opportunity to stop in fora few hours on a road trip about 10 years ago, but it wasn’t enough. After some discussion over brunch at a French Quarter-inspired restaurant in my San Diego neighborhood, Leeann and I decided to go. Even with all of her meticulous planning, we would’ve never guessed what we were in for. After an overwhelming first night, we settled in nicely and experienced most of what the city offers. Here are some good,bad, and sweaty highlights from our springtime trip to NOLA.

Don’t assume you’re staying at the Ritz unless you actually are. One of the biggest draws of the French Quarter is the architecture, and staying in a historic boutique hotel sounded like a dream. If you don’t mind shacking up in one of the “traditional” rooms with original creaky hardwood floors, an air conditioning unit that won’t turn off, and a view of the parking lot then this was your dream come true! However, it wasn’t all bad. The front desk staff was lovely and more than willing to help us find our footing around the city. The lobby bar was enjoyable, as were the patrons returning from their night on the town. The bartender was a true, stoic gem and taught me an important lesson about ordering whiskey in the South: Don’t. Would I stay here again? Absolutely,but only in a different room!

The magnificent courtyard outside our room.

Soaking our aching feet in the saltwater pool.

Take tours, but not too many.
Leeann loves herself a tour, a haunted tour at that. And I was game for anything. The night tour is a MUST (James Franco agrees!). It was great to walk around in a large group and learn about the area on our first night in town. It was also refreshing to learn that the smell that we smelled is also noticeable by all residents, as verified by our delightful tour guide. The Garden District tour was equally, if not more enjoyable. A local celebrity, our guide was very in the know of the Garden District and its living (including famous) and nonliving residents. If I had to choose one to skip, it would be the St. Louis Cemetery tour. This was our THIRD time hearing the history of NOLA and the tour guide was not very engaging. The cemetery is off the beaten path (one more block and you’ve reached Treme!), however it really isn’t that far and if you are in a group or you take a taxi, it is safe to go without a tour. Just do your research beforehand so you don’t miss any significant burial sites. And most importantly, don’t choose your footwear based on style over comfort. We limped the entire trip. But damn, our shoes were cute.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Shout out to PJPII!

Venture out of the French Quarter, but learn the streetcar system before you do. Streetcars are an incredible alternative to the bus systems that we are used to. Just make sure that you either have exact change to board, or you read the directions on the ticket machine thoroughly or you will find yourself with an $18 change voucher than can only be redeemed in one place uptown that you will probably never find. That said, the Garden District is divine and easily accessible by streetcar. Our swamp & plantation tour afforded us the opportunity to see the countryside and it was unreal. It was so lush and simply breathtaking. An unusual sight for us city girls.It is well worth a trip out of the city.

My shorts are *probably* why people thought we were a couple...

The swamp, complete with a sneaky alligator.

Imbibe local beverages, just not on Bourbon Street.
Bourbon Street. This is a tough one, because it is supposed to be the definitive heart of NOLA. If this is where the heart of NOLA lies, that makes the city a disenchanted, broken down mistress far beyond her glory days. This was not the NOLA we wanted. Oddly enough we only ended up there by accident. If you really want to experience the alcoholic beverages that NOLA has to offer, take a cocktail tour. Just as Leeann has a deep love for ghost tours, I have a deep love for alcohol (possibly the worst comparison ever). The city has an incredibly, yet not surprisingly rich history of alcohol and cocktail innovation. And my goodness, we could not have gotten a more classic, adorable southern lady as our tour guide. My favorite drink from the entire trip was Pimm’s Cup, although I’m still not sure what’s in it and our favorite bar (which wasn’t part of the tour) was Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. NOLA also has some great local brews that you shouldn’t be afraid to try.

Trying an Old Fashioned for the first, and last time. It stings.

Speaking of the locals…MOST of them are so nice! I’ve never experienced such friendly and talkative cab drivers. One waiter kept calling us, “baby girl” and “booboo” and I mean you can’t help but relish in that. But in a city whose motto is, “Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll!)” it’s not entirely fair to expect world class service from everyone.They work hard, and obviously play hard. Also, drunken older men do not equal southern gentlemen (not unless that means talk as loudly as possible and pass out in lounge chairs by the pool). And most importantly, please stop asking about Hurricane Katrina (I’m looking at YOU, elderly Canadian tourists...).

I'm still this man's biggest fan. TWO Jesus tattoos and an inside-out shirt?
Let's be best friends.

Be prepared for the most random things…A man dressed in a wolf (pig?) costume scaring people in front of St. Louis Cathedral. Overaggressive tour patrons recording an entire swamp tour (people still video things? Who watches them?!?). Mugsy the cat. A feisty old woman who called me “chicken” in all sincerity when I wouldn’t ask the guide how long the tour was supposed to be. And my favorite, a crazy old tea leaf reader who literally predicted what occurred in my life this past weekend.

When I go missing, chances are I’ll be fire dancing on Frenchman Street. Literally,every person we asked about nightlife directed us to Frenchman Street. A hipster paradise, it is the Mecca for incomparable local music and bars that are from another time. I was completely spellbound by a tiny and peculiar arts and crafts show that had taken over an empty lot. And this is when I fully let NOLA enter my heart. It’s where I found the NOLA I’ve always dreamed of. THIS was NOLA, y’all.

Local arts & crafts. I die.

The definition of carefree.

Many thanks to my dear friend Leeann for researching and organizing all of our outings. For putting up with my excessive souvenir shopping. And for tolerating my incessant impressions and naming of random tourists (Shout-outs to Jeff, Elaine, and my favorite…BARRY! Jesus Barry, calm it down). New York, 2013!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NOLA Drinking Tour

The New Orleans' Original Cocktail Walking Tour provided by Gray Line Tours is a must! It combines two of my favorite things - drinking and history. Be warned though: this is a pricey tour. We paid $29 then had to purchase all of our drinks on the tour which ranged from $8 to $15.

Our tour guide was a sassy older woman named Sandy that we instantly took a liking to. She was a straight shooter who knew her alcohol. If you do take this tour, try to get paired up with Sandy!

To start off the 2 1/2 hour tour we jumped straight into the booze with absinthe and Tony Seville's Pirate's Alley Cafe. The thought of drinking the same alcohol that probably caused Vincent Van Gogh to cut his own ear off wasn't the most appealing to me but I had to try it. Plus now that opium isn't a part of the ingredients we figured we'd be OK. Not so much. That stuff is nasty! Unfortunately I didn't get any real good pictures but you don't just drink absinthe. The green alcohol is mixed with a sugar cube in a spoon then heated with fire, turning yellow. Because the taste is similar to black licorice it was suggested that we mix in soda to give it a root beer flavor. Didn't help. The smell is much more worse than the actual taste. Tiffany and I shared one cocktail and we couldn't even finish it and ended up tossing it.

We then headed over to Antoine's Hermes Bar for sidecars. It was my first time drinking one but from what I remember I liked it, although it was strong. Much better than the absinthe. The woman behind the bar was awesome and let us get to go cups (we wanted to get a collection of souvenir cups).

Next stop was Court of Two Sisters. They specialize in a sangria that they created and it was my favorite drink of the tour. After we grabbed our drinks the group headed out to the patio/dining section which was so pretty. Unfortunately the staff was really rude to everyone and they were clearly annoyed we were there. Not sure why since our group was about 15 people and we all dropped $9 a drink. So it's not like we were loitering.

The last stop on the tour was The Bombay Club. It was a bit fancy and the drink prices were steep but it was the perfect place to relax on the patio with a stiff martini (they're martini list has a little something for everyone). I got the cucumber martini and it was refreshing although so strong I couldn't drink it all!

We ended our night at what came to be our favorite bar in New Orleans - Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. It was built between the 1720s and 30s and according to the bar's Web site is reputed to be the oldest structure used as a bar in the United States. It was a really cool place and you could feel the history being there.

If you ever go to NOLA, I highly recommend visiting Lafitte's!

And that finally concludes my New Orleans recaps. But there's still one more post coming, written by my friend Tiffany who traveled with me.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Nick Zano

Hello, faithful Man Candy Monday readers/participants! After a year of Monday mornings filled with hot men, I've decided that next week will be the last Man Candy Monday. It was a blast and I (personally) had fun learning more about hot celebrities, but less and less people are linking up each week - which is totally understandable! Not going to lie, I have a hard time thinking of who to feature after 52+ plus weeks of these posts.

So be sure to stop by and link up one last time next week!

When one door closes...
To replace Man Candy Monday I'll be hosting a weekend recap link up. If you blog about your weekend, you can link up! That easy! The first edition will be on Monday, June 4 for the long Memorial Day weekend. Hope you can join me.

Not onto some hot actor action!

Although I'm pretty sure a good majority of readers won't know who Nick Zano is, I've thought he was a heartthrob since his days on "What I Like About You". Amanda Bynes may have been the bigger star at the time, but seems like roles have reversed (with her DUI last month and now Nick's guest appearance on 90210). So without further ado, let's get the rundown on this man candy.


March 8, 1978

Nutley, New Jersey

Relationship Status
Split with long-term Haylie Duff in November 2011.

Interesting Facts
-Held jobs as a lifeguard and Kenneth Cole shoes salesman.
-Casted in a 2007 remake of "Revenge of the Nerds" with Adam Brody, but the project was cancelled.
-Also writes, directs, and produces.

Notable Roles
2 Broke Girls
Cougar Town
Melrose Place
Drop Dead Diva
The Secret Life of the American Teenager
The Final Destination
Beverly Hills Chihuaha

Link up and share your current crush with the rest of us!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Chambray and a Giveaway

Yup, I'm aware that rhymes. I'm a nerd like that. Anyway, this week is all about hot fashion and men. So let's get to it with this adorable outfit I've created, centered around chambray.


I am really digging the trend and so are celebs. Check out Reese Witherspoon rockin' it!

And speaking of Reese, I have a giveaway! To celebrate the release of "This Means War" onto DVD next Tuesday, one lucky person will get a copy of movie! Winner will be randomly selected on Tuesday, May 22. Sorry only open to U.S. and Canadian residents.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Who wouldn't want to win a This Means War DVD? The movie features these two hotties!

The company sponsoring my giveaway, put together this great chart comparing the two guys. I personally think I would pick Tuck, although I also loved FDR. Who would you pick?!




Has commitment issues

Can wear a suit really well


Plenty of ex-girlfriends

Live in really nice apartments

Has a child and an ex-wife

Has T-rex hands

Travel a lot

Hasn’t been on the dating scene in awhile





Can protect you

Likes to plan

Doesn’t know much about art


Has manly hands

Photos courtesy of: Pacific Coast News, Bauer Griffin, Flynet Picture, and Think Jam