Sunday, February 3, 2008

There Will Be Blood...and Confusion

I am by no means a flim citic, however; I do have my opinions. I recently saw the movie "There Will Be Blood," starring Daniel Day-Lewis, and I must say, it left me a little confused. I don't want to spoil the move, but I do want to express my thoughts about it, so here it goes:

The film is about a mean, geedy man (Day-Lewis) who is an oil prospector just after the turn-of-the-century. To me, it was almost like a biographical film, following part of this character's life. There wasn't a real clear meaning of the movie, and by that I mean, I didn't eaxctly know why things were happening.

The scenes left me feeling a bit uncomfortable because it was as if I was peeking into the life of a man who I couldn't figure out. Maybe that was the idea though, to make you feel awkward about the behavior of the character. And the ending, let's just say that I was left a little bit bewildered.

On the other hand, I must celebrate the acting of Day-Lewis. He was brilliant. This man is an amazing actor who always seems to scare the heck out of me (think Bill "The Butcher" in Gangs of New York). He was recently awarded the title of best actor at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and also best actor in a drama at the Golden Globes for this role. Deservedly so.

Had it not been for the performance of Day-Lewis I think I would have hated the movie. But, because this actor was so talented, I was left wanting to understand what was occouring and why he behaved the way he did.

Maybe I was just trying to over-define a film that was meant to be taken at face-value.

Did anybody else see this film? And if so, were your thoughts similar to mine, or did you understand the movie? Because if you got it, then please explain it to me!
(photo courtesy of: Paramount Village)

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Anonymous said...

okay all i have to say is that I wanted to see 27 dresses but someone wanted to see this damn movie instead