Thursday, March 27, 2008

Beauty Chat Re-launches with a New Design

I am proud to announce that Beauty Chat is up and running with a brand new look!

We will still be featuring the same great content, but now with a more interactive layout. Our readers are sure to appreciate the features that we have implemented, as well as the upcoming giveaways that we will be promoting =)

In fact, we are currently holding a contest, asking our readers to name our giveaway page. The person who comes up with the most clever title not only gets to leave their mark on Beauty Chat, but also receives a bunch of goodies (pictured below)!
Be sure to visit Beauty Chat and check out the improvements that have been made. Let us know what you think!
(Photos courtesy of: Beauty Chat)


Anu said...

i didnt know whether to leave you a comment here or on the beauty chat website. love the layout :). i dont know what the old one looked like but this looks very nice.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Unfortunately that conest enmded Anu =( But be sure to regularly check out Beauty Chat because we frequently have giveaways!

Thanks for the support!