Friday, January 2, 2009

Gossip Girl--I Totally Get it Now!

I was one of the seven girls in the entire world that wasn't a Gossip Girl follower...until last night. For some reason or another I never jumped on the bandwagon; therefore, I never knew what I was missing. 

But, because all of my favorite bloggers frequently mention the show, I figured I had to check it out (thanks all!). So me and my bloggin' buddy, Stephanie, ordered some delicious Mexican food and plopped ourselves in front of the TV to watch Gossip Girl, Season 1, Episodes 1-4.

I'm in love!

As I had figured, the wardrobes were stunning. I'm thoroughly jealous, especially 
of Blair's style. And the characters are so greatly developed that you really adore or hate them. Even though she's a bitch, I kinda like Blair. And, Serena may be kinda slutty but that's OK, I forgave her! And then there's Chuck. I know he's only a character, but I want to punch him in the face! (Side note, in real life Ed Westwick is not even that cute. Why would Drew Barrymore "date" him?!) Def. a fan of Dan and Nate though ;) 

I know I am way behind, and it does happen, but at my viewing stage, I am dying for Serena and Dan to get together!

So until the next episodes arrive, I'll be checking my mailbox frequently for that little red envelope from Netflix. I am hooked now!

I did the same thing with Dawson's Creek. I never watched it when it was on TV, then became obsessed a few months ago when I discovered its greatness. I'm a little late with things I guess...

Photos courtesy of: The CW and Gossip Girls


Meg said...

I'll admit I was late getting into Gossip Girl as well (I started watching at the end of the first season) but I think it's amazing. I've even got my bf hooked!

Anonymous said...

Yay, that's so exciting! I love GG, too! It's kind of embarassing, but I can't help myself.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I did the same exact thing! Totally boycotted season 1 and then only because there was nothing else on monday nights started watching season 2...and i'm in love! When you get caught up on season 2 you will want to love Chuck...unless because of missing season 1 I never developed a dislike for him. Either way, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Well Leeann sorry to say, I could not wait for the red envelope so I bought the entire season. I tried to be patient as possible but my GG addiction took over and now I am on disk 3.

caroline said...

OMG i'm SOOOO excited for you! isn't it the best!? i totally love it- so much that i don't even care who knows it! it's so exciting that you have so many episodes ahead of you! i'm in love with blair and chuck! heheh happy watching!

Unknown said...

oh it's just the best!

J.M. Powell said...

what took you so long! haha

Reena Rai said...

Congrats are going to be SO addicted over the next couple of episodes. My friend and I adore Nate...we have lengthy conversations about how beautiful he is and how in love with him we are. And I secretly adore Chuck hehe