Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vanessa's Outfits...?

I am finally catching up with Gossip Girl. That means when season three starts, I'll actually be able to watch instead of waiting for the DVD to come out months later!

I am addicted for sure. Last week I stayed up 'til 2 a.m. to finish watching DVD 4 (the one where Chuck's dad dies, Serena and Dan find out they have a shared "dead" sibling, and so on). The next morning when I had to get up for work I certainly paid for my foolish addiction to this teen drama.

This is my question about the show--the only thing that really bothers me--if Vanessa works to survive, how does she have so many damn outfits?! I know it's a show and all, and that characters can't wear the same clothing, but really? She's a teenager living in NY, she would not have enough money for rent and an extensive wardrobe! Let's get a little more realistic stylists. 

And that is my rant for the day. =)

Photo courtesy of: cwtv


caroline said...

hahaha so true! i guess she's a secondhand junkie, but some of her stuff is almost too gorgeous!
omg, i can't wait for gg to start!!!!
have a fun day!

Meg said...

You're totally right, but I still love to look at the outfits anyway!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Agreed. But honestly, I don't mind - I never tire of gazing upon the glorious ensembles the cast members are wearing! :)

A New England Girl said...

Haha... You are indeed right! But, I love looking at all of the different outfits they come up with, so I can't complain too much! :)

Beth said...

Oh come on -- is the show about the clothes or what? Where is your willing suspension of disbelief? ;-)

I mean, if you want to quibble, what about all that stuff with the duke in waiting & his step-mom at the beginning of the season? Catherine was in Serena's grandmothers book club all summer & no one knew she a duchess? What are the odds of that? ;-)

And the snobby grandmother suddenly is on Dan's side? And when it's time for the episode to be over, Serena & Blair quit tearing each others hair and are bff? ;-)

MHO, you have to enjoy the show for what it is -- great clothes, so-so writing.


Life's short. Type fast. said...

haha i always wondered the same thing! but i'm completely obsessed with her style!

Megan Cassidy said...

lol definately true!! Hope you are feeling better!

Unknown said...

I know. In the real world it takes money LOL!

Unknown said...

I know ...there is zero logic to that show ..but it's so goooood.

Steph said...

You are so right, However the one thing that drives me crazy is the drinking, These kids are teenagers and can go to a bar order a drink like its no big deal. Even Little J? Cant wait for Season 3!!!!!

Wanderlusting said...

Not a huge GG fan but I think ALL of the characters wardrobes are on the excessive side - but TV holds no reality in my eyes!

Beth Dunn said...

I agree. She should dress her part. xoxo