Thursday, February 4, 2010

dineLA Restaurant Week: Sweet Love Hangover

The next restaurant that I tried during dineLA Restaurant Week is called Sweet Love Hangover. It was actually featured on a local news station as a place to try for restaurant week. The place sounded cool and has a cute Web site, so why not unwind after work at this eatery?

Menu listed below as it was on the Web site...

Appetizer- Fat Fries
Our fat fries tossed in a mix of sea salt, herbs, garlic, and truffle oil

Dinner- Mac and Cheese x 4
Smoked Gouda, Parmesan, Asiago, Jack and crispy Pancetta

Dessert- Fried Twinkies
You heard me.

Price: $26

Just like Boxwood Cafe by Gordon Ramsay, this one is also located in a cool part of town on Hollywood Blvd. where the street is lined with Walk of Fame stars. Upon entering the eatery, we quickly discovered that it was a little quirky but in a good way. I loved that the bar was lined with bright colored lights! There is even a club right next door connected to the quaint restaurant.

The server wasn't quite as cheerful as the decor. She was actually pretty rude. I made it a point to go our of my way to be extra friendly to her because she didn't seem too happy. Overall, she was just pretty unresponsive to us. I can look past that, we all have bad days. I couldn't look past the fact that I ordered my mac and cheese without meat and discovered that they had added pancetta. I have been a vegetarian for over a year, and it was unsettling to discover a piece of meat in my mouth. Although I didn't actually eat the meat, I was grossed out that I was tasting it. My friend had the same issue so we ended up asking for the error to be fixed.

A long wait later (with our other guests' food turning cold) we received our food, only after Steph asked the status of the meal. It was pretty tasty, but didn't blow any of us away. What did blow us away was the deep fried Twinkies for dessert. O-M-G. Yummy! Perfect way to end the meal.

We were all done eating and things were looking positive, until we paid our bill. Two ladies used cards and when the waitress came back to return the cards, she literally threw the cards down and kept walking. I have never seen anyone act so harshly without being provoked! Maybe that is why there were no customers. It was only our table and one other.

We later found out that the waitress actually charged my other friend, Stephanie of The Ramblings of a Southerner Turned Hollywood Girl, her portion of the bill then reran her card for the whole amount of dinner! Good thing that we had decided to take our tips back for the horrible service.

If anyone lives in LA and is considering Sweet Love Hangover, I say proceed with caution. If you would like to try the food out, then by all means, do so. I hope you get good service because I feel that the place has potential and with a better staff may be more successful.

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Mom Fashion World said... stomach is rumbling now after seeing this food. i love french fries!