Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Latest Stila Purchases

For my birthday my friend bought me an Urban Decay Ammo eyeshadow palette, unfortunately I already have the exact one. I went to ULTA with the hope of exchanging these eyeshadows for another set with different colors but they were out. Instead I had $40 to spend. Not an easy tasks when there are so many products to choose from. I couldn't decide!

I wanted to get something Urban Decay because I adore their products and the fact that they are cruelty-free. I just didn't want to buy individual eyeshadows. Palettes offer much more bang for your buck, but they didn't have colors different than those I already have.
So after looking at the Stila, Too Faced, benefit, and Cargo counters, I went back to Stila and snatched up the products that initially caught my eye - backstage eye shadow palette and smudge stick waterproof eye liner.

The eyeshadow colors include:
- Chiffon - shimmery peach
- Flamingo - shimmery fuchsia
- Pacific - metallic navy blue
- Luster - metallic warm alloy
- Poetic - shimmery mauve
- Coal - cool metallic emerald

The blue, green, and even pink colors are beautiful but we'll see how they are on my skin tone. Because I have a pretty light complexion, often times bright colors make me look like a clown...or so I feel.

I've worn chiffon and poetic to work and they are great for daytime looks. I think I can work with the rest of the shades, too.

I wanted to get black liner because I just ran out of my favorite one, MAC Technakohl in Graphblack. Instead I chose the funky hue, purple tang. As you can see in the picture, it's pretty much black with purple glitter. I can't wait to wear it!

When I was in ULTA, I decided to get this Stila liner because it's comparable to the MAC one. I love how easily it is to apply and the smooth finish it provides. I'll have to see if it lasts as long, though.

Overall I did pretty well. I wanted to stay under the $40 mark but I knew it wasn't happening. In the end, I only dished out $10 of my own money and I got some great products!

I was thinking about getting one step correct, which is a, as the Stila site explains, "primer, color corrector, brightener and anti-aging skincare serum does it all..." The only reason I didn't buy it is because it was $36 and would have taken up my entire store credit. I may just order it online because Stila offers free shipping with purchases of $50.

Have any of you tried it?

Photos courtesy of: Stila


Mimi said...

i haven't actually tried anything from stila, but i want to. :D

<3, Mimi

Couture Carrie said...

Love that palette!
Stila is the best!


Anonymous said...

I love Stila eye products, especially the smudge pots because they stay put in the summer heat! xo

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have never before tried Stila anything. I am a mark and Maybelline New York addict myself!! :P

Anonymous said...

nope :) I'm not a big makeup girl. I'm impressed with all the eye colors. I am a mascara only girl- going out I swipe on some liquid liner. But eyes always look beautiful and well done! xo

Unknown said...

I was just at Sephora on Friday, kind of browsing foundation. I use Bare Minerals, but I feel like it doesn't provide enough coverage. Maybe the Stila would work! XX!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog girl. Nice post, and your blog header is too cute too!


KDC Events said...

I am afraid to go bold on eye shadow colors! I feel like I am too old to wear fun, funky colors... BUT I LOVE that palette =)

Unknown said...

I love love love stila's lip liner and eye shadow palletes. BUT I'm a huge MAC fan:-)

bananas. said...

oh man i go kuhhh-razy at ulta. even more crazy at sephora and i always go for the palettes. you can rarely go wrong.

never tried to the stila one step. let us know how you like it if you end up buying it.

Unknown said...

The eyeliner looks beautiful!!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That One Step sounds like a miracle product!

yiqin; said...

Ah I love stila lipglosses.

Check out my giveaway in my blog :D

Lovely Scribbles said...

I haven't heard of Urban Decay, but I am hooked on Benefit products. I love makeup - I just wish it wasn't so expensive!

Meg said...

I've never tried these, but the colours look great!

Jules said...

The Stila palette is really pretty and I especially like the chiffon and luster shades. Some of the brighter shades might look really nice in the crease for going out. I really want the Naked palette from Urban Decay. There are so many great shades in it and the pigmentation is great.

The eyeliner shade you got is really pretty and I love that it has a little shimmer. Good for you for pretty much staying within the price range ;)

The One Step Correct sounds like the perfect 3-in-1. I’d love to try that.

Valerie said...

That palette looks fabulous! I've never tried any of these items, but after seeing that palette I might need to go pick one up. Such fun colors! Hope you had a great birthday!


Brisbane Dentist said...

I LOVE STALIA the palette is really pretty

Divorce Lawyers Melbourne said...

Love the eye liner from them as well

Yelena said...

wow, you got some good deals. that stila one is intriguing, i haven't heard of it until now, so I must check it out! :)

Steph @ Thoughts From Cali said...

I could spend hours at Ulta. Not a big eye shadow fan but must check out the eyeliner and and the One Step. I get a lot of 20% off coupons I can give you one if you want to just buy it at the store.

Family Lawyers Melbourne said...

Stila is amazing!