Sunday, February 19, 2012

Man Candy Monday: Alex O'Loughlin

Somehow amongst all of the Man Candy Monday posts I've neglected a serious hottie - Alex O'Loughlin. I literally had to double check that I hadn't yet featured him because I was almost certain I already had. Lucky for all of you, today is his day!

Source: via Leeann on Pinterest

Source: via Leeann on Pinterest

Source: via Leeann on Pinterest

Alexander O'Loughlin

August 24, 1976

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Relationship Status
Dating professional surfer, Malia Jones

Interesting Facts
-His film career didn't start until 2004.
-Was a candidate for James Bond but the role went to Daniel Craig.
-His last name is pronounced "O-lock-lin".
-He lives in West Hollywood (I have yet to see him in person, darn it!).

Notable Roles
Hawaii Five-0
August Rush
The Shield

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Chrissy Thomas said...

Yes ma'am! He is the main reason I watch 50! haha Love him!

Christianna said...

I did a MCM post of him ages ago! He's so awesome in "Moonlight"! Gotta love this guy!

Josie said...

Oooh, he's gorgeous!
xo Josie

Lin said...

Oh, he is a cutie.

Ann said...

Oh what a wonderful choice...

I'm in love with his great body ♥

Jennifer said...

Good find. I've not known about him! New follower here! Looking forward to reading your blog!

erika sorocco said...

TOTAL cutie! :)

AMY said...

OH I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alex O'Loughlin!!! He is absolutely GORGEOUS! I even chose him as my man candy when I first started joining in.


Leesh said...

I have to forward today's Man Candy to my friend. She loves this guy. I also think he's kinda hot. Even though The Back-Up Plan was a stupid movie, I had to watch it because of him.

CALLIE said...

O girl... He is so fine!! I think he might be the sole reason I watch Hawaii 5-0.

Miss Angie said...


C said...

He’s so cute! I’ve only seen him in stupid movie The Back-Up Plan and I liked him instantly. I still want to see August Rush. I had no idea it was o-lock-lin, I’ve been saying o-loff-lin. Oops. Godo choice!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Yummy...he's my number 1, yes, I have to admit it...he comes before Timothy! ;)

Julie (Little Pink Rain Boots) said...

Too cute, I wish Moonlight would've lasted more than a season :(
I didn't know he was in the run for James Bond.

Great choice. Have a wonderful day!

Brianna said...

So attractive (: I watched Hawaii 5-O for a while because of him haha

Unknown said...

Very nice Leeann! I hope you are having a blast on your vacay!