Thursday, May 3, 2012

Louisianna Life from The Magnolia Pair

Hello Join The Gossip friends! I am Britt, and I blog over at The Magnolia Pair. I am so excited that Leeann asked me to guest post for her today while she is in Louisiana, my home state! Ironically, she wanted me to talk about my roots today, and I can't even tell you how I excited I am to talk about it!

Life growing up is Louisiana was just wonderful. My days as a kid were spent going to the Mardi Gras, catching fireflies, lathering on mosquito repellent, knocking over crawfish holes, and catching minnow fish so I could watch them turn into tadpoles. I grew up on the Northshore of New Orleans in a little town called Mandeville. My family kept a residence in New Orleans so that we could stay there on the weekends and sometimes during the week.

My Mom always made sure I had a costume on Fat Tuesday!

I am from a place where people never leave and families see generations of kids growing up everyday. I am the exception. After my husband got into medical school in Alabama, I uprooted and started a new life here. I miss home like crazy and think about my soulful city everyday. There is something different about the people from New Orleans and how they really live out the term "Southern Hospitality." Below are some of my favorite, but very true statements about the South.

Nola = New Orleans Louisiana
Neutral Ground = A median in the middle of the street that people jay walk across.
Lagniappe = Something extra
Go-Cup = A cup you ask for at the restaurant or drive through daiquiri store.
Dressed = What you say when you want your hamburger with Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, on it.
Mufaletta = A large round sandwich with meat with olive seasoning.
Yat = A dialect of New Orleans. (my mom speaks like it)
Who Dat = Saints Fan catch phrase
Snowball = crushed ice with flavored food coloring on it
Beignet = A fried beignet with powdered sugar on it
Second Line = A type of dance where you hold umbrellas up in the air or napkins and wave them about while walking in a continuous line with others. Very common at weddings.

Some Misconceptions:

There is a distinct difference between N. and S. Louisiana. The deep south of Louisiana is truly a different way of life and culture.

We don't live like the people from Caged, I'd never even heard of this sort of thing until the show.


We don't all live in the swamp and hunt alligators! (Although I do live in the swamp, but I don't live like these people at all. Big Mike, does live 20 minutes away from me though).

Some Nola Fashion:

For the Guys, they wear vineyard vines Perlis!

For the Ladies, we wear lots of pearls. And we wear them with everything!

This was just a little snippet about my life experiences growing up as a New Orleans Lady. I hope you enjoyed it! If you ever want to visit New Orleans and want suggestions, I have lots of ideas! Thank you for reading & thank you Leeann for having me!


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