Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guest Post: Little Girl in the Big World

Hey guys! I'm Meghan from Little Girl in the Big World, and I blog mainly about running and style, but I throw in a few other topics as they strike my fancy. I'm excited to be here guest posting for Leeann while she's gallivanting around Australia. While Leeann was super open about what we could talk about, I begged her to think of some ideas, and one of the things she suggested was sharing pictures from my recent wedding and honeymoon
And because many hours were spent for an entire year planning it all, I'll never pass up the opportunity to share a few. We got married at the Tampa Museum of Art on July 21st, and then we headed to Kauai, Hawaii for a little over a week on our honeymoon. I have a ton more pictures on my blog. 
I also thought I'd share my love of outfit creating and assemble an idea for a fall formal wedding ensemble. I also took the liberty of browsing my favorite online retailers that I rarely actually purchase from because of price. But, it's always fun to look and be inspired! The one rule I have for wedding attire is never to wear white. I find it to be so tacky when someone wears white to a wedding. That's the bride's color! Is that only a southern thing?
Here is the wedding and honeymoon:
We enjoyed those days so incredibly much and will never ever forget them. 
And for the fall wedding outfit:

Obviously this is a formal look, but I always appreciate a good opportunity to get dressed up. I would keep the tights if I were not headed to a wedding in Florida (where I live).

What do you think? Is if good for fall, or should it hold off until the holidays? That was my other thought...

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meghan said...

Thanks for having me Leeann! It was fun to go back and read this since I wrote it a little bit ago! Hope you're having a ball!

C said...

I love your dress! And the sparklers!! Wearing white to a wedding is definitely not ok, no matter where you live. A friend of mine did it at a wedding because she didn't like the bride. RUDE!