Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Guest Post: Interpret As You May

I'm Amy from Interpret As You May. I currently live in Texas and graduated from (and now work for) Texas A&M University. I married my high school sweetheart over 3 years ago, and am really happy to write here today?
Today I wanted write about my Top 3 favorite things about Texas in the Fall!

#1: Festivals I grew up in New Braunfels, TX, which features a prominent "ode to sausage!" (and beer) called Wurstfest. My grandparents have been volunteering since the 70's, my mom went with her friends in high school & I haven't missed a year since middle school.

#2: Football Of course living in a football town, college football totally rules the weekend around here. It's a sight to see an extra 50,000 people pour into town, taking over restaurants and parking spots and the roads! Game day in College Station is electric & it's hard to avoid the excitement.

#3: Chili Ah, chili. Texas chili. All meat, no beans. Tomato rich, and super spicy. That's my preference. My husband made our first pot of the season a week ago, and I was just reminded of how awesome fall is. You can't really beat a good pot of chili, a good beer & some homemade cornbread.
I know these aren't specific to Texas, but I'm prone to believe we do it a little bit better here ;) Where are you from? And what's your favorite part of fall there? and if it's apple picking, I'm jealous .... the closest apple picking farm is 5+ hours away! Thanks Leeann for letting me guest post ? I hope you guys enjoyed it & will come visit me!


jessica said...

I'm sooo excited for Wurstfest! :) I'm in San Antonio and my fiance grew up in Canyon Lake so we spend a lot of time in New Braunfels. heading to your blog now!

Amy Powell said...

thanks for letting me guest post!! hope your laundry and settling back in well :)

Megan G. said...

YES YES YES to this list!! I'll have to make a trip to Wurstfest soon! :)

Lisa said...

We're headed to Wurstfest this week. Mmm food!

C said...

Awesome post! I didn't know chili was a big thing in Texas. I want to visit even more now!