Monday, September 23, 2013

Guest Post: Birthday Weekends by I Have A Degree In This!

I'm currently in NOLA right now (either on a huge high or low depending on how the Saints game played out). But the Monday Morning Gossip show goes on either way! Today one of my oldest blogging buds, Kimberlee of I Have A Degree in This, is hosting. Take it away Kim!

Thanks Leeann! Happy to take over today for Monday Morning Gossip. This weekend I headed to Jersey to celebrate my parent's birthday. It was filled with plenty of backyard activities including an intense wiffle ball tournament. It's always good to go home for some delicious homemade food and for some R&R away from the city.

Sunday night I tuned into the 65th Primetime Emmys. Neil Patrick Harris did a good job hosting. I loved the opening monologue. This year they did more in depth tributes some actors along with the typical In Memoriam section. It was such at tear jerker to hear from their fellow friends/co-stars about the person they really were besides the character they played. But onto happier topics... Breaking Bad won Best Drama! I need to catch up on last night's episode so no spoilers please!

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Marie said...

I totally forget about the Emmy's last night! LOL.

Hope you had fun in Nola!!

Best, Mree

henning love said...

on a high for sure i would say after that game!! hope you are having a great time

Setarra said...

Well the Saints won so I'm sure you're at a high! :)