Monday, February 3, 2014

That Awkward Moment

I don't go to movies often because they're expensive and I'm cheap (more on that in a sec) but I've been wanting to see That Awkward Moment so Saturday night I went with two of my sorority sisters/college roommates. I mean, a grown up Zac Efron, yes please!

I thought the movie was a straight up comedy, but it was a romantic comedy so it wasn't exactly what I expected. I thought I'd be cracking up the whole time. It was good, just different than I expected. If you're a fan of the former High School Musical stud and go in knowing it's also a romantic(ish) film, I think you'll enjoy it and you def won't feel like you've wasted money on a movie.

Let's be real, with the price of movies, who want to risk paying for a one that ends up being lousy? Most of the time I just wait for films to come out on DVD. But I love the experience of a theater. This year I've seen exactly ZERO Oscar-nominated movies. That sucks! BUT I just found a great solution for movie lovers, MoviePass.

It's a card that you pay for monthly, with an annual membership, that allows you to go to the movies an unlimited amount of times with no blackout dates. And it's easy to use, just download the app, check into the theater and movie you want to see, and use your MoviePass VIP card to pick up your ticket at the kiosk. Simple. And there's still time to catch up on all of the Oscar-nominated films.

Sounds pretty awesome right? Well stay tuned because I have a MoviePass giveaway coming up!


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List Addict said...

Hi! I'm new over here so firstly thanks so much for hosting, and second, thanks for letting me come over. My blog looks like a 'wanna-be' fashionista's but is usually more about the words. And silliness. That card sounds amazing. I'm sure it will make it's way to Australia in about forty years!! Thanks again!!

Fur Earwig

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

I have seen the commercials for that movie and it looks cute.

Setarra said...

Umm this Movie Pass concept seems pretty darn convenient! Will definitely be looking into it further :)

ItsTheNewTwenty said...

Zac Effron is so sexy. Can't wait til it comes out in RedBox so I can watch it... since I fall asleep in the theater every time! haha

Unknown said...

I'm slightly intrigued by this movie because I want to see how they portray a "guys" RomCom and I love Michael B Jordan :)

Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

It looks like a cute movie, I'll have to check it out when it comes on DVD!. I don't like going to movies much either-- it's expensive and I just don't like the theater experience... super loud, huge screens that make me nauseous, annoying people next to me, seat kickers... the list goes on!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD or in the Dollar Theater... :)

Never heard of this app...thanks for the introduction.

Pretty Zesty said...

I love figuring out quicker ways to get movie tickets!

ps I completely changed my blog name and url... here it is below. :o)
Used to be Behold the Metatron...


Traci Marie Wolf said...

I think that sounds awesome, I hope to try to win it. I have resorted to using gofobo (which my husband hates) you sign up for tickets to premieres but the catch is they overbook so you have to get there early and stand in line. I've seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Last Vegas, August:Osage County and The Delivery Man. I had tickets to see Labor Day but we were moving so we decided not to take the time to stand in line (my husband hates the process anyway).

C said...

I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOU. I can't find anyone to see this with me. I'm about to go by myself! I didn't realize it was so rom-commy though. Bummer. But Zac's hot. I'd watch him read a phone book.