Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Giveaway: Nailed It Decals

Disclaimer: I was given a pack of Nailed It Decals in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

I'm super excited for my latest giveaway. One lucky reader will a pack of Nailed It Decals brought to you by Made By Munchie's Mama! How cute are these? 

On top of being a-freakin-dorable, they're also affordable at $4.99 a sheet, AND easy to apply! Here's how the vinyl decals works:

I'm wearing the anchor and star decals

1. Apply base polish 
2. Apply decals (trim if necessary with design)
3. Finish with two top coats

Super quick and simple right? And they're comfortable to wear. I've used stick-on nail art before and always experience discomfort. Either the decals catch on everything because they don't actually stick, or they are thick and feel awkward. Not Nailed It Decals. Once these vinyls are on, you can't even feel 'em!

I know you want a pack for yourself, and lucky for you, you just may win one! Up for grabs is this set featuring chevron, bows, and crown decals.

Giveaway ends Sunday, March 16. Entries will be verified. Good luck!

You can also buy Nailed It Decals for 20% off* using the code: GOSSIP20! At about five bucks a sheet, you can get a fun manicure for significantly less than going to a salon and in only a few seconds longer than it takes to paint your own nails.

*coupon code cannot be combined with any other coupon codes.


Stacey said...

I love the chevron ones! I tried to paint them on myself but it never looks quite right...

C said...

These are so cute and not expensive at all!

Thomas Jackson said...
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