Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Wreath Crafting

I recently took one of Michael's crafting classes and was super impressed! The project was a holiday wreath, advertised that you buy the wreath and they provide the rest of the materials. In total, thanks to a huge sale and the supplies in class, I walked out with a gorgeous wreath for $5!

White DIY Christmas Wreath

The class is drop-in style so you come and go as you'd like. They set you up with what you need and you craft away. I'm not an expert crafter so I personally would've liked a little more direction, but at the same time, I appreciated being able to socialize with my friend while creating the wreath instead of listening to an instructor.

Students selected from a traditional green or white sparkly wreath. I did the latter. The materials used were:
-3 bunches of florals
-hot glue
-wire twine
-metal-cutting scissors

Once you have the materials you start building the wreath and when you like the placement you can use wire and/or hot glue to secure. It's best to glue the base of the florals, as opposed to the leaves and petals themselves. I was doing it that way but it wasn't sticking. A few of my pieces fell off after so I suggest wire as well to be sure all is secure. Please ignore the doodles in the photos below, they are not mine haha!

Supplies for a Christmas Wreath
Supplies for a Christmas Wreath
Making a Christmas Wreath at Michael's
Making a Christmas Wreath
Crafting a Christmas Wreath

The whole experience was really wonderful! I highly recommend you stop by Michael's for a craft. They even have classes for kids, too. Be sure to check out their calendar to upcoming events!


Nichole @ said...

That is so fun! I like crafting, but am bad at it, lol. A class like this is probably exactly what I need!

Sierra @ Beautifully Candid said...

I always see those crafting classes at Michael's but have never attended. I'm glad you liked it and found it useful. Your wreath came out great! I love the white with the gold and silver. Definitely my kind of color scheme. Beautifully Candid

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

What a fabulous DIY! So pretty and festive <3
Green Fashionista