Sunday, September 17, 2017

Movie Review: IT

IT Movie Review

I feel like everyone around my age is afraid of clowns, and they all gained that fear from the most disturbing clown of all – Pennywise from "IT". Literal terror. But since I’m a fan of horror films, and apparently scaring the crap out of myself, I’ve been so excited for the theater release of IT (27 years later) and had to see the movie in theaters. I wasn't able to find anyone brave enough to go with me opening weekend, and as I waited for week two, my anticipation rose as IT broke a box office records and received great reviews.

I didn’t realize the first original version was a two-part TV series. I was only seven and should’ve never watched, but I was one of those kids that never listed to their parents. Plus I had a huge crush on Jonathan Brandis (tear…RIP!) who was in the original. I'm not sure if I watched the whole thing years ago because the only things I remembered was how freighting the clown was, the drains, and the reveal of what he really was ruined the movie – even for a kid. In case anyone has never seen the original, no spoilers from me.

OK, on to my review about the re-release of IT! ...I didn't like the movie! After all that excitement it was just alight. I wasn't scared once. I almost felt like it was anticlimactic. The end was different - again no spoilers - but I wasn't satisfied with the the movie closed. I made my mom go with me and she was afraid to see it, but then throughout the movie she kept saying it wasn't as scary as the first. At one point  I even looked over and she was asleep! And she's not the type to fall asleep in the theater. IT made me so afraid of clowns and after this re-release, I almost feel like that fear is gone now. Granted, they did a great job with Pennywise and his makeup. If I were to see someone dressed like him in person I may change my tune about clowns again.

With that being said, the actors did a great job and the movie wasn't bad. It just wasn't what I expected. If I had went into it knowing it wasn't going to be scary I would have enjoyed it more.

Fun facts: 
-Pennywise is played by Bill Skarsgard, Alexander Skarsgard’s little brother.
-The movie comes out 27 years after the original. In the story, Pennywise comes around every 27 years. Bill Skarsgard is currently 27. Jonathan Brandis died at 27. Anyone else already creeped by 27 because of the 27 Club?

They already have a sequel in the works for 2019 and I'll definitely watch, but next time I'll wait for DVD.

Did you see the movie? If so, did you like IT?

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Ellen Ross | Ask Away Blog said...

Thank you for this review! I haven't seen it yet and I think I might wait till it comes out on DVD, because I'm too scared to watch it around Halloween lol
XO Ellen from Ask Away

Marie said...

Nope, not ever going to watch it. I have actually met Stephen King a few times and he is really a very sweet person. But I told him he scares me and I haven't ever read one of his books or watch any of the movies based on his books. He was really cool with it.

C said...

I really liked it as a movie, but wasn't scared at all. I'm really hard to scare though. I'm also not afraid of clowns and the attack scenes were kind of cartoony, in my opinion. I laughed a lot and really liked all the kids, but was definitely bummed that it wasn't scary.

Dara @ The Southern Thing said...

I really want to see IT, but I feel like it takes a lot to make me scared. I don't have a fear of clowns, so I'm not sure if it will do it for me! We'll see!!