Saturday, October 14, 2017

Banjo Billy's Denver Ghost Tour

Banjo Billy's Bus Tours

I love a ghost tour! Every new city I visit, I try to take one. It's a great way to learn local history and have fun at the same time. A few of the many tours I've been on include New Orleans, Seattle, Atlanta, and Melbourne, Australia. When researching them in Denver I came across Banjo Billy's Bus Tours and knew it was going to be a must during my visit to the Mile-High City.

Banjo Billy's Denver Ghost Tour
Banjo Billy's Denver

As opposed to walking through various parts of town, which can sometimes be sketchy at night, Banjo Billy's boasts a tricked out school bus that resembles a hillbilly shack on wheels - in the best way possible! Upon boarding, we were greeted with a mishmash of seating from comfy recliners to  arm chairs, a disco ball, and colorful lighting strung throughout. We instantly knew we were in for a good time!

Over the course of the next two hours our tour guide, Scott, did a fantastic job entertaining us. He is a lively storyteller, and great at keeping the guests involved. There were literal moans, groans, and "No!" screams from the riders for the entirety of the tour! As he took us to various locations throughout the city, he shared several tales at each stop. Even my friend, who doesn't believe in ghost stories, commented on how much she enjoyed the history we were presented with and the theatrics in which they were presented.

Because our Banjo Billy's ghost tour was at night, we went back to some of the stops to get good pictures of a few spooky locations in better light including the Croke-Patterson Mansion which may be the most haunted home in Denver. Don't let these gorgeous facades fool you, something sinister lurks inside of each!

Croke-Patterson Mansion
Capital Hill Denver Haunted Homes

I HIGHLY recommend Banjo Billy's Denver ghost tours. The ghost tours are only offered in October though, so be sure to book in advance to secure a spot. Other Banjo Billy's tours include a Boulder ghost tour (also seasonal), brewery and history tours in Denver and Boulder, and even private bookings.

Book directly with Banjo Billy's Bus Tours online or call (720) 938-8885.


Marie said...

Jenn would be all over this. Me not so much. I believe in ghosts, I know they DO exist and I'm deathly afraid of them!! Did I ever tell you about the Lady in Black, the ghost that lives on George's island in Boston Harbor??

Glenn Locke, The Tall Thin Guy said...

Jenn, Thanks for the great review. So glad you enjoyed your tour. Banjo Billy also does history tours year round (ghost tours are only in Oct), and we have another bus in Boulder that does tours there. We hope to see you on one of those in the future.
Glenn Locke
Head Ebanjolist