Saturday, December 29, 2007

Join The Gossip...No, Really...Do It!

Hello everyone! A staff writer for Beauty Chat (which is a fabulous site you should be visiting and reading regularly, especially the amazing Project Runway posts ;)...hint hint), I decided to take my love for journalism and create my own blog.

So, I happily invite you to Join The Gossip!

Being a random person that tends to think, talk and write about anything and everything, I assure you that my blog topics will be all over the map.

And on a sappy note, I want to thank my editor, and friend, Elana. An inspiration to all (in a variety of ways), she has helped me take my love for creative writing to a whole new level--blogging. Thanks Miss Talking Chic!

CHEERS! And let's make some chatter!


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Leeann, you literally made my eyes well up right now. I am so glad that I am able to inspire you, because you truly are a unique, talented writer who I am truly proud to work with and be friends with. (Go Titans!)

I will definitely add you to my blogroll. This blog is SO you - fabulous. Denice is part of KDC Events. She just started her own, which is perfect for her. She is also on my blogroll.

Love ya!

Denice said...

YEA Leeann! I will add you to my Blog Roll!!!! You ROCK!!!

raciegirl8 said...

Alright Leeann!!!! Can't wait!!!!

Brook said...

Hey Leeann,
Check you out here..can't wait to read more!