Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Almost 2008...and Definately Time to Celebrate!

With 2007 coming to a close (rapidly), I want to wish everyone a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve night! Enjoy some bubbly if you have a designated driver =)

Among the many awesome events that occured within the past 12 months, my favorite memory/memories were in the month of August...and no I'm not talking about my birthday (which was fabulous by the way!).

I am an avid music lover and concert-goer, so the Summer of Unity Tour courtesy of 311 was the highlight of my year! As a super-fan, I traveled to San Diego, then Irvine the following night, to see my favorite band play--a ritual for me. I would've gone to see them in Santa Barbara and Las Vegas as well, but I value my job! As always, 311 was amazing. They have not put on a bad show since I began adoring them around 11 years ago. Of course, I highly recommend catching one of their concerts.
Other notable shows included: The Police, Unwritten Law, Incubus, and O.A.R.

What were your favorite memories?

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Beth Anderson said...

Happy New Year Leeann! What a wonderful year this will be. I just know it! Linking your blog to My Chic Blog right now....