Monday, January 28, 2008

Garth Brooks Rocks the Staples Center!

When it comes to country music, there are only a select few artists that I really appreciate. Alan Jackson, Gorge Straight, and of course, Mr. Garth Brooks, all the greats. Lucky for me, last Saturday I had the pleasure of seeing Garth Brooks at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Now retired, the man behind hits such as “Friends in Low Places,” “The Thunder Rose,” and “Rodeo,” to name a few, put on five shows all for a good cause: The California wildfires.

It’s such an unfortunate tragedy that our state went through just a few months ago, but having Garth Brooks come out of retirement for us — what an honor!

During two hours of the adrenaline-pumped performance that he put on, the crowd went wild. I have been to lot of shows/concerts (well over 50), but this one was definitely the biggest I have ever experienced. I was at the 1 p.m. show and there wasn’t a quiet fan or an empty seat in the house.

Some of the highlights of the concert included Garth Brooks pointing out various people in the audience and bringing wife Trisha Yearwood out to sing two songs with him. But the ultimate moment was when he saw a woman in the audience with a sign asking for a pick, which he gave her…followed by the guitar he was playing! After the song was over he then signed that guitar for her.

It was amazing to see the audience’s reaction to the country great. I took my mom and we had an awesome time!
(photo courtesy of: my camera)


Kim said...

Glad you got to go!!! He puts on one heck of a show. Did Huey Lewis come out at that show? When I watched it Friday on CBS he was pitchy & horrible :( I hope it was much better for yours!!! I have watched plenty of filmed versions of his shows and never seen him out of pitch as much as he was Friday.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

The only guest was Trisha...was Garth or Huey out of pitch Friday? Garth was amazing. He sounded awesome live, unlike a lot of performers who have a lot of "help" when their records are recorded.

Although a long-time fan, it was my first time seeing garth live. I hope he comes out of retirement so I can go see him again!!

Thanks for the comment Kin =)

Anonymous said...

Ok now this is the second thing you have done that I am sooooo jealous of, first it was swimming with the dolphins now GARTH LIVE!!!! I tried my hardest to get tickets but had no luck :( He is my all time favorite and what he did was the greatest thing. I mean really what other artist do you know can do that many shows in only 2 days, its not like he he just stands around, when he puts on a show he puts on a show!!!! Geez I hope he does come out of retirement!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Garth!! I didnt know he sang "Friends in Low Places" I love that song!! Great pictures!

KDC Events said...

LUCKY GIRL!!! Hope you had fun!

Kim said...

Garth was pitchy big time! Liz went to the 10 pm show on Friday & didn't notice it at that show, but what I saw on Friday it was horrible :( I have yet to see Garth in person, but I did see the Simulcast from Kansas City so that was good enough for me for now.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I have actually been to many many concerts, in fact 2 in the past month, and i have to say that Garth's performance was one of the best ever. All I know is that the 1pm show was great. I'm glad I got to see him at an "on" performance! =)

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Beth Anderson said...

You know Garth lives right down the road from me. I see him every once in awhile out shopping or at a restaurant. He is 100% committed to being a great Dad. He'll even sign autographs and grant pics to other kids at his daughter's soccer games. He's awesome!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Wow Beth, that's awesome! He seems like a genuinely good guy. I think that when his kids get a bit older he'll start touring least I hope =)