Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lily Allen's Sad Baby News

This news is a little late (I actually heard about it on Friday): Lily Allen suffers a miscarriage. Unfortunately, it is true, her and her boyfriend Ed Simons of the Chemical Brothers have comfirmed the story's validity.

In a time where crazy things are happening to celebrities (mostly due to their poor choices) this is a story that is truly deserving of sympathy. My thoughts and prayers go out to the couple.

If you haven't purchased Lily's album "Alright, Still," it's definately worth checking out. She is one of the only female musicians I can really get into.

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Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

OMG! I love Lily Allen (doesn't she look better than ever with her recent weight loss? anyway....). That is sad. Not only would it hard to deal with that, but I couldn't imagine having to do so with the public knowing about it. Yikes! Well, I can't wait for another album of hers.