Monday, March 9, 2009

Do Glasses Make You Look Smarter, or Like a Dork?

Although it seems like more and more people wear glasses these days, I still feel a bit dorky when wearing them. To be honest, I feel unattractive in them as well. I never wear them to go to a bar or party, but I do wear them at work pretty often.

I must say I do have a cute pair (pictured above). They are made by Valentino and have the cutest rhinestones on the sides. But despite their appeal, I can't bring myself to wear them in social situations and feel completely comfortable.

I didn't actually start wearing glasses until I was in high school, and at that time I really just stuck to contacts. Now; however, I tend to wear them a lot more. People say I look smarter in them, which is good, right?

Well, if glasses make a person look more intelligent, should they be worn to a job interview? Since I fairly recently went on an interview, I contemplated wearing my specs. I wanted to look smart and professional, but not nerdy. Ultimately, I decided to not wear them. Now that I have been at my current place of employment for a few months, I wear them about four out of five days.

What do you think; would you wear contacts or glasses when seeking new employment?

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MyFashionAddictions said...

recently i've been wearing mine EVERY WHERE/DAY. due to an infection i think from my contacts.:(

-btw if you have any experience with this and know what to do pls share lol.:( -

just like you i hate wearing my glasses to parties/bars. i don't feel as attractive and my eyes don't stand out at all. plus i feel like i have to minimize any accesories or i'll look too "busy" around my face. i have a pair of cute black and light pink CK glasses.

i'd wear them to an interview. i dont think it would make too much of a difference. specially if they look good.:) (btw i love yours!)

J said...

i love glasses! they can def make you feel nerdy cool. haha. in a good way of course! i think wearing glasses to an interview would be fine. i do agree, i prefer not to wear glasses out to parties and such... but otherwise, wearing glasses are fun and better for your eyes :)

Bella said...

I wear glasses everyday. I can't imagine myself without them!!!

i have managed to incorporate them as a fashion statement without looking too over the top; and I tell you, they receive compliments.

You look FAB with them sister --- as long as you apply your make up properly, you will rock!