Monday, June 23, 2008

CoverGirl-Get ColourMatched

Despite the many brands and the various colors of eyeshadows on the market, I just can't seem to find a comparable highlight hue to CoverGirl's champagne. It's a shimmery shade that complements all other shadows. After picking up the "eye enhancer," as the product is called, I decided to check out CoverGirl's Web site.

I was surprised to see that they offer a service called ColourMatched. Basically you select your hair, eye, and skin color, then the shade that looks best on you: reds/pinks or blues/purples. After combining this data together, CoverGirl provides you with a list of items that are best-suited for your cosmetic needs.

After I filled out my makeup questionnaire, I was provided with matches, just right for me. To have CoverGirl help transform your appearance to flatter your features, head over to the site and plug in your assets.

And since we're talking CG, has anyone noticed how great Drew Barrymore is lookin'? She's lost a good amount of weight and seems to be much happier. But hey, that may be due to rumored husband-to-be Justin Long, too.

(Photo courtesy of: CoverGirl)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up, I need to see which colors suit my skin tone

The App Goddess said...

I'll have to try that:) Leann you won my fist contest. I posted the winners, did you stop checking my blog;)