Monday, June 2, 2008

The Haute Ladies of the MTV Movie Awards

Yesterday I was all about the men of the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, but today I want to share some stunning looks sported by the ladies. Here are my picks for top dresses:

#3. I was loving Lindsay's dress, shoes, and hair. She had the complete package!

#2. Despite the fact that the shoes were hideous, the dress made up for it. Sarah Jessica Parker definitely dazzled throughout the night.

#1. My favorite glam gal was Paris Hilton. The dress is incredible and the hair style just add to the overall look.

There were many other fabulous females walkin' the "gold carpet" in style. Who was your favorite of the night?

(Photos courtesy of: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison)


Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

Whoops! I left my comment in the Ulta comment box below. Linsday's look and Megan Fox's dress was my fave.

Roxy said...

Hey Leeann,

I agree ... Paris did look stunning, which is so unlike me to say - 'tis true though! I thought Megan was a vision as well.

~ Roxy

MyFashionAddictions said...

Well as you know I loveeeed Paris. Her outfits never catch my eye but I guess her and her bf wearing matching stuff made her more noticable.
But I didn't like Lindsay much. Her skirt was a bit short, and not in a sexy way. Haha.

The App Goddess said...

Hey, speaking of SJP, did you hear the drama about the dress she wore to the SITC premier?

The guy who designed it told her it had never been worn before and it had, in some photo shoot.

Word is SJP was NOT happy to hear that.

Anu said...

i dont care what anyone says, sarah jessica parker will always be super hot to me. and it REALLY hurts to say this but paris hilton looks good there. yeah, that still hurts.

yummy411 said...

paris' hair and shoes are to die for!

MyFashionAddictions said...

oh yes, i read somewhere about the whole SJP drama. i cant believe someone would do that with a dress... for the SATC PREMIER!! its bigger then the golden globe awards in my opinion haha.
usually i say its no biggie, but its not nice to be tricked.