Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day Trip: Venice Beach

Today consisted of a drive down to Venice Beach. Living less than an hour outside of LA, you'd think that all of my time is spent there (and I'd like it to be), but it's not. I am pretty unfamiliar with most of the west side, and am only semi-acquainted with the Hollywood region. So anytime that I can explore the area, I'm in.

Before heading down to the seaside city that is often associated with "freaks," for a lack of a better word, I was a bit nervous of what I would encounter. I have heard all of the stories about people who dress up and try to get you to give them tips, as well as Muscle Beach, and the other questionable attractions--needless to say, I was a bit more paranoid than I probably should have been.

To be honest, there wasn't much to see at all. The street was lined with small shops selling pretty much the same things; clothes, jewelry, and bongs. Aside from that, the only real interaction that I had with the locals consisted of numerous people handing out flyers in support of legalizing marijuana and a lady who was clearly on drugs and felt it necessary to take off her shirt and walk in front of hundreds of people semi-naked. Even though I work for a company called and I see boobs all day long, it doesn't make seeing an exposed woman any more normal haha!

So my opinion: I'm glad I went, but I wasn't moved enough that I'd go back anytime soon.

Has anyone had a better experience, or just a story, related to Venice Beach?

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Beth Anderson said...

Your blog looks so cute! Thanks for the comments. I have never been to Venice Beach and probably never will. Seems like a million miles from where I live.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You're not missin' a thing Beth =) Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you did not have a good experience. I have not been in 2 years but everytime I go its nothing but a bunch of freaks... I wonder if they are cracking down and getting rid of the freeks.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Stephanie-I have heard that they kicked out all of the homeless people (I'm not implying they're freaks!), so maybe they're just trying to clean it up in general. Wonder where all of the homeless went? =(