Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lisa Lampanelli Makes Fans Laugh out Loud

Raunchy, yet incredibly hilarious, Lisa Lampanelli played the Brea Improv this weekend and was met with a large, enthusiastic crowd. I had never seen her live until Friday, but have laughed so hard I've almost peed my pants many times while watching her on TV. 

At the show, as always, Lampanelli's jokes were offensive to all (she spares no insult to any creed, race, or sex) but that's part of her charm. She makes everyone laugh at each other and themselves. People are usually fragile when the insults hit close to home; however, you can't help but crack up at every word this comedian spits out--mainly because you're so shocked that she went there.

I was absolutely entertained with the performance and will definitely purchase tickets next time she's in my area. In addition to pleasing the crowd while on stage, she's surprisingly nice. After the show she met fans and signed autographs, even though she only had minutes until she had to perform for the following show. That's rare.

If you haven't experienced the humor that is Lisa Lampanelli, watch a clip of her at the Flava Flav Comedy Central roast. 

Photo courtesy of: Insult Comic.

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