Monday, September 1, 2008

9021-Oh No?!

Beverly Hills 90210 was the "it" series for countless adolescent females back in the 90s. I was only in grade school but my friends and I were glued to the TV each episode. And now's back. But is it in a big way?

With the spinoff (90210) premiering tomorrow, I can't help but think that this show won't be able to compare to the original. Although I will tune in to see what it's all about, I don't know if I'll enjoy the show. Maybe I'm just set in my ways.

Aside from my personal issues, I haven't really heard much about the show. I have, on the other hand, seen the stars of the program. Is it just me, or do the guys look a little old to be in high school?!

So what do you think? Am I just too partial to the original? Maybe I should give the new show a chance before I react so negatively. 

I guess I'll just have to find out. 90210 premieres on the CW tomorrow. Check your local listings. And let me know what you think!

Photos courtesy of: The TV Addict and The CW

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Anonymous said...

I am feeling the same way. I am so afraid I will be expecting it to be the same as it was years ago.