Saturday, February 21, 2009

I HATE Ticketmaster

Ticket prices are ridiculously high, but unfortunately you have to fork up the cash if you want to see your favorite bands. I can live with that, unhappily, but whatever. What I cannot stand is the ridiculous fees that Ticketmaster imposes. 

This morning I went to buy Coldplay tickets, a band that I have liked for years but never seen live. With sky high costs for concert admittance, you'd think that the ticket mogul would cut us some slack with the other unnecessary fees. I was disgusted to see the following added to my tentative cost:

  • Building Facility Charge- $5.98 per ticket
  • Convenience Charge- $11.35 per ticket
  • Order processing charge of $5.60

Granted the building facility charge is added on by the venue, but what is convenient about Ticketmaster? There are no more outlets where you can walk in to buy tickets! Gone are the days of the Robinsons May and Wherehouse Music Ticketmaster locations. So this means I have no other option but to purchase online. That's not convenient, that's called a monopoly. 

Then you're also going to charge me to process my purchase? Really?! Ugh!

On top of all that, buyers have to deal with the Ticketmaster Live Nation merge which means even higher prices. AND, many ticket agencies are buying up all of the tickets so when a normal person tries to make a purchase, they are directed to another site that is selling the same tickets for twice (at least) the price. There is even an option to bid on the best seats! This happened with me when I tried to buy Britney Spears tickets. Had they not added an additional date, I probably wouldn't have been able to afford the tickets.

Needless to say I didn't buy the Coldplay tickets because of my frustration with Ticketmaster's fees. I just don't think $70 a ticket is a reasonable price for the cheapest, nosebleed seats. It's not even the cost at this point because I have the money, it's the principal. 

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Megan Cassidy said...

I completely agree with you here!!! There are charges for EVERYTHING!!!!!

Danz said...

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. The order processing charge seems really ridiculous. I hope you get the chance to see Coldplay sometime soon!

cherie said...

that's quite a lot of charges! good thing that if we will buy concert tickets here, we will just pay the price of the ticket.

Angela said...

i agree with uu.... highway robbery!!!

Syed said...

:O That is some serious amount of additional charges!!!!

we wear things said...

i'm with you.. don't like ticketmaster

Couture Carrie said...

Sorry darling! I totally agree with you, btw!


Unknown said...

ull like it.. if u hate ticketmaster :D The Walking Dead - Ticketmaster Apocalypse -