Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jessica Simpson Looks Great!

Since the whole Jessica Simpson looks fat in her mom jeans fiasco, she has gotten a lot of criticism across the board. But it's about time that it blows over already.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica was recently spotted with boyfriend Tony Romo and she looked just as amazing as ever! So this begs the question: either she's got a great pair of spanx, or the jeans were just unflattering.

I think that the infamous pants she wore were simply a bad fit for her figure. C'mon, we've all worn or at least tried on an item of clothing that made us look much heavier than we actually are. All women have different bodies, which means not every article of clothing fits perfectly.

Either way, as TMZ said, this whole story has gained her an immense amount of media attention. 

Photos courtesy of: and SplashNewsOnline


Marian said...

honey hope your well dear.Jess is looking good.never saw the image of her in the unflattering pants but like you said we all wear stuff thats unflattering occasionally so gets on my nerves when the press go on and on at celebs. she is looking amazing.
muah x

MyFashionAddictions said...

I really really agree. She has gained a couple though, but as my bf said they're all making a HUGE deal out of it (no pun intended:p).
Plus the highwaisted jeans probably only look good on .09% of the population and none of them seem to wear it.

Beth Anderson said...

Well, I definitely think it was the jeans and the spandx top as well. Neither would really be flattering on anyone. She has gained some weight and the media has been horrible to her. So sad.

Jadore-Fashion said...

jessica looks good, she just wore an unflatering jeans,--media makes a big deal on worthless stuff. hope your weekend was ok!!

kimvee said...

Thanks for the comment :) I really like your blog too! The media needs to leave Jessica Simpson alone as well as other celebrities with weight issues. It's so annoying if a celebrity gains a few pounds, the media goes crazy like it's the end of the world hahaha!

Angela said...

she looks great. i think it's just her grandma-ish pants.