Thursday, November 12, 2009

WhoWhatWhere Daily: White House Black Market

I subscribe to the WhoWhatWhere daily newsletter and get e-mails featuring hot trends and fab outfits. Yesterday's graphics completely blew me away so I wanted to share!

I literally love every item showcased here! I feel like I need to buy all of it...although my bank account wouldn't appreciate it. Instead, if I had to settle for only one item, I'd def buy the Hematite Flower Stationed Necklace for $48.

There is a White House Black Market by my parents' house but I have never really payed much attention to the store because I always thought it was for middle aged women--wow was I wrong! I am going to head over to their site to do some shopping, I suggest you check out White House Black Market as well. They are currently offering 20% off purchases online when using the code 8896.

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Suburban Princess said...

I always thought WHBM was for teens! I guess we were both wrong! Enjoy your shopping spree!

Christina said...

I love the B&W post! :)


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Hello perfect leopard pumps. Come to mama!

Amber said...

I want the bag! Also wouldn't mind having the shoes and the necklace and...