Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

I am clearly not Chinese so I am not too familiar with the culture, but I am all about learning about other types of peoples. In an attempt to do so, I headed to LA Chinatown to take in the neighborhood. Although Chinese New Year was on Sunday, we visited on Monday. Better late than never!

Partnered with two of my Chinese friends, we started off our day with a little dim sum. This was my first time so I was a bit nervous. I am the pickiest eater, and I don't eat meat. That limits my diet immensely. I was actually OK with what we were served. We went to eat about two hours before dinner and unfortunately they weren't serving off the carts for very long so we didn't get to eat much.

Dim sum is quite different than American eating. It was strange to have someone come up with a cart, show you food, and then get dismissed and walk away. I felt that their feelings would be hurt if I didn't try the food. My friends assured me otherwise so I let them select the food. It was also very different to not have a designated server. Nonetheless we had a great time.

After our food we headed off to do some shopping. I have only driven (quickly) through Chinatown in San Francisco and never been to any other Chinatowns, but from what my friends say, LA's Chinatown in small. There are really only two shopping centers and within an hour we had explored the whole place and I had made a few purchases.

I bought a beautiful crystal that I have not yet figured out what I am going to do with and some shoes. Let me start off by saying that I do not know how to bargain, in fact it makes me nervous! My friend insisted that I play hardball for the shoes and talk the woman down a few bucks. I didn't have the guts so she tried for me. The sales woman didn't budge though. It's alright because the shoes only cost $15.

I was a little embarrassed--and horrified--to learn that my feet are insanely huge compared to Asian feet. I wear an 8 1/2 or 9, too large to even fit in Chinese shoes. I was told that Taiwan shoes run a bit larger, but only to a size 8 1/2 which is a size 40...I wear a size 40 shoes?! And sadly the shoes are a bit tight, but they should stretch.

Overall it was a great experience! We even ventured out of Chinatown to get dessert in Koreatown to complete our day.


SHIZUKA said...

good to see people like yourself learning about other cultures! i too am not chinese but still went to one of the festivals and enjoyed celebrating it with friends and eating yummy foods hehe! x

ThingsToDoWithKids said...

Those shoes were very cute. I too have been to China Town in SF but just for a bit. Russ and I also visited Chinatown in Vancouver Canada when we went on our crise. I would love to visit tolhe one in LA.

Whoa ! said...

cultures are as diverse as we humans are...

KDC Events said...

Wow! My feet must be HUGE! I wear a 9 1/2 so what is that a size 50?! LOL!! They are super cute shoes =)

Steph said...

Aww this sounds fun! I want to go!