Monday, August 2, 2010

Vancouver Concluded

My last day in Vancouver was relatively short so I spent time hanging out locally. Everyone had told me to visit Stanley Park so that's exactly what I did! Basically, there is a path that wraps around the coastline of Vancouver with the most beautiful view. To take it all in, it's recommended to rent a bike and ride around the park.

I was SO nervous to ride a bike. Whoever made up that saying, "It's like riding a bike, you never forget," was full of crap! I hadn't been on a bike in probably 15 years and it was frightening! Every time anyone would ride next to me I'd start wobbling and had to pull over. I even ran into a pole...yup, I'm that person.

Later that day, about two blocks from my hotel, I saw Fringe being filmed! This is one of the best shows on TV and I've never missed an episode since it debuted two seasons ago, so I was super excited. Unfortunately Vancouver native, Joshua Jackson, wasn't filming at that time. (Side note: If you haven't seen Pacey-Con, stay tuned for a post about his hilarious Comic-Con spoof that took place a few weekends back.)

Sorry the picture was taken with my iPhone, zoomed in, but this is Olivia from the show (Anna Torv).

And since we are talking about celebrities, I ran into Ethan Embry several times! Empire Records and Can't Hardly Wait are two of my fav movies. A co-worker and I had been randomly talking about him and the very next day I see him in Vancouver. Then he was on my plane to LA a few days after the first spotting. So crazy! I tried to candidly snap shots both times but was unsuccessful =(

Go figure I travel from LA to Vancouver to get starstruck!


Mimi said...

hahah, i actually haven't really seen any celebrities around here, and i've been living in LA for a long time! haha. love your photos, btw! :D

<3, Mimi

this free bird said...

very cool post. so sorry you hit the pole girl! that sucks. good think i wasn't with you b/c it could have been a 2 bike pile up...

and crazy about the sightings too!


Sadako said...

Great pics. And Ethan Embry?! NICE!

Valerie said...

It just looks so gorgeous there! I want to go! Love the celebrity sightings. I always love seeing them around LA too.


ae said...

No way! I LOVE Fringe! Def one of my favorite shows on tv. I am so jealous;)

Great pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

this free bird said...

if i see ali in any of those boots i'll screaaaaaaammmmmmmmm

Jules said...

Don’t feel bad. I haven’t been on a bike in forever and that would worry me too. I could see myself crashing for sure. I love the first photo of the water with the bridge. You also look great in the photo with all of the boats.

That’s so cool your saw Fringe being filmed. I don’t watch that show, but I had no idea that it was produced in Canada.

I love Ethan Embry! Can’t Hardly Wait is such a great movie. You would think that you would have all these sightings back in LA, not Canada. Too funny!

I’m glad you had a nice time on your trip.