Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Stuffing Stockings With Little Girl in the Big World

I'm Meghan, and I blog over at little girl in the big world.

Leeann gave me free reign on my guest post, so I thought I would fill a stocking. In my house growing up, the stockings were just as much fun as the gifts. My mom always went out of her way to make sure that we got the neatest things in our stocking. I'm not even sure where she gets most of the stuff, and my attempt pales in comparison. But it's a good start, I think!

This stocking would be perfect for the girl who enjoys all kinds of things, and I made my stocking to represent a little bit about me.

Tocca is my favorite perfume, and these little mini bottles are perfect to keep in your purse or to take in your carry on bag on an upcoming trip. Stella is the scent I most enjoy, but your really can't go wrong.

Bangles are so easy to throw on no matter the occasion, and they add to the whole army party concept that is so big right now.

Mini bowls are the best go-to kitchen items. From soy sauce on sushi take-out to condiment cups, I use mine daily. Plus, these are fun because I just got them as a shower gift and can't wait to add them to my pantry.

Butter London polishes are a want for me. I've not used them, and that's why I want them in my stocking. I've heard great things. Have you tried?

Stud earrings, like bangles, are easy to throw on quickly and can really jazz up your look. Because purple is my favorite color, I picked this fun purple pair from Stella & Dot.

As a runner, I swear by BIC Bands. I swear they don't slip, and I swear they've changed my gym wardrobe life. Plus, the glitter ones are so girly and can be worn when running errands on a lounge day.

The Dr. Scholls fast flats are fantastic. They fold up into this teensy pouch you can stick in your purse and carry with you when you're headed out in heels for the night. Then, when your feet are done, slip these on for the ride home. And they come in gold.

Hunger Games is the best book ever. If you haven't read it, make sure to ask Santa to slip it into your stocking. I wrote a review on my blog, and the official trailer has been released for the new movie coming out in March.

Lastly, I want to try the Maybelline gel liner, because I paint on eyeshadow that usually smudges 30 minutes after application. I feel like this would last longer. Another something I really hope finds its way into my stocking.

I hope you got some stocking ideas and learned a little more about me and my likes! I hope Leeann has a fantastic time away, and I would love to have you stop by my blog and let me know any stocking picks you must have that I've missed!

Thanks guys!


C said...

Everything here is so great! Will you fill my stocking? My mom was awesome at stocking stuffers too. We always got jewelry, gift cards, cash, scratch tickets, makeup, etc. It was always our favorite part of Christmas. Those mini bowls are the cutest! I want to try the gel liner too. The place I get mani/pedi’s uses Butter and I like it. It seems to last forever. Great post! I’m off to check out your blog.

Josie said...

I LOVE that J. Crew bangle! So stunning.
xo Josie

tessica said...

butter london nail polish is heaven, i have the pink glitter on right now and you wouldn't believe how amazing the coerage is with just two coats (and not over a color)! i've been switching between the gold and pink glitter the last few weeks!
i LOVE butter london!!

Emily grapes said...

My mom was the same way. Our stockings were always so great.
Loving all her stocking stuffers. I still have yet to read that series and am dying to!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Audrey Allure said...

Such great items - would love any of these in my Christmas stocking!

Jules said...

Stockings are one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning and you have some great ideas here! I got Butter London polish for a friend for Christmas, but haven't treated myself to a bottle yet. Tocca perfumes smells so good. I love Bianca. I'll have to check out your scent. The Hunger Games is also a great idea. It's such a fantastic series.

Christianna said...

What fun goodies! I'm totally stoked on all of these items!

Alyson said...

Hunger Games is a must read; should set a deadline to read by the end of the year... time's ticking! haha

Unknown said...

I love the idea of this post! Filling a stocking! Great ideas too!

Claire Kiefer said...

Stockings are my favorite part. :) So exciting! I have been wanting to try the Butter polishes too . . . hard to justify buying any for myself these days since I have so many nail polishes. I love those little bowls, too! And Hunger Games was incredible--we read it in our Teacher/Student book club here. Merry Christmas Meghan and Leeann!

bananas. said...

hunger games is the best!!!!!!

in fact i'm lending it to a friend tomorrow...i guess you could call it a christmas gift loan. i'm so nice. lol.

Gracie said...

I love every item on this list! It's fantastic. I agree with the Hunger Games being the best book. It's been my fave for the past few years :)

Anonymous said...

im dying to get my hands on an english copy of hunger games! in norway i cant find it and it would be like 70 bucks for paperback even if i did!

great guest post! merry christmas!

Val said...

I'm loving all of these fab ideas.