Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Nicholas Sparks's Deliverance Creek

How many of you love Lifetime movies, like me? And Nicholas Sparks? Perfect, because the two have come together to bring you Deliverance Creek premiering this Saturday on Lifetime! Making his TV debut as an executive producer, Sparks is assuming a role very different from what we're used to with his writing skills. Nonetheless, anything he touches turns to gold and this made-for-television film is set to be another one of his many professional hits.

Deliverance Creek

I had the opportunity to learn more about the film directly from Sparks, as well as Lauren Ambrose, who plays Belle. I don't want to reveal too much about Deliverance Creek (I already watched it, two thumbs up!) but I will say this is not the typical Nicholas Sparks project. There's a strong love that fuels the plot, but it's not the same as The Notebook or The Vow, it's a mother's love for her children.

Set in the midst of the Civil War, we see Belle fighting to protect her family and doing whatever it takes to do so. She's pretty badass! Ambrose brought a lot to the role and it was evident in her performance that she really understood Belle. She explained, "I just absolutely love playing this character - bringing this fierce, gritty, you know, tough lady, who is flawed and passionate and has a lot on her plate - to life."

The way the movie plays out, you'll be wanting more at the end. And luckily, for us, Sparks wants to give us more. If all goes well we can expect additional Deliverance Creek movies, or even a weekly show. "I would prefer a series, a really well done series and you know, 10 to 12 really high quality episodes per year," said Sparks.

Deliverance Creek is full of love, heartbreak, revenge, greed, and so much more that'll have you glued to the TV screen for two hours. Be sure to tune in this Saturday, September 13 at 8/7c on Lifetime! Fingers crossed the movie does well and we'll get to continue on with the story.

Image courtesy of Lifetime


Amanda @ A Good Hue said...

I saw previews for this last weekend-- I had to watch the Saved By the Bell story and Brittany Murphy movie (so sad :( about her, I really liked her)-- and it looked good. I'll have to set my DVR for this and check it out!

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

I'm excited to watch it. The preview had me stop and watch and listen. If a preview does that to me, then I know I have to give the show a try. :)

Jodi said...

I love Nicholas Sparks but I don't have cable right now so missed this movie!

Jo said...

ooh sounds good, going to find the preview for this now!

Anonymous said...

I love Lifetime movies! We got rid of cable a few months ago though, so I'm going into withdrawal;)

Elle Sees said...

hadn't heard of this but love lauren ambrose!