Monday, May 11, 2015

2015 Cancelled TV Shows

cancelled TV shows 2015

I'm so unhappy with all of the TV show cancellations that have been announced over the past week! From shows I expected to get the ax (Hart of Dixie) to others that blindsided me (The Following) - the casualties are extensive.

Last night's Revenge series finale came out of left field for me, and just a few days after news that Fox wasn't renewing The Mindy Project!

I looked up all of the cancelled shows and here's the list of my faves that won't see next season:

The Mindy Project
The Following
The Messengers
Hart of Dixie
About a Boy

Eye Candy
Witches of East End
Franklin and Bash

For me basic cable was clearly the heaviest hitting.

Want to see if your shows are safe or not? Here's the full list of basic cable shows and list of cable shows that were cancelled.

In better news, I'm excited that Secrets and Lies was renewed but sad that they story will go in a different direction, with a new crime. There was no real resolution with this season! Which may actually be a good choice by the writers. I will miss Ryan Phillipe, though!


April said...

Devastated about The Mindy Project. Seriously, it's in my Top 5 fave shows. I've heard rumors that Netflix might pick it up for another season though. Fingers crossed!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

I was so upset about Hart of Dixie, that was my stress-free show! And Zoe Hart will forever be Summer Roberts, but still! I'm shocked about The Mindy Project, another network will probably pick it up ;-)

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

So disappointed that the Following and Stalker are cancelled. Those are two of my favorites. I figured Hart of Dixie would go, it was getting a little stale. :(

C said...

The only one I currently watch on this list is Mindy and I'm really, really hoping someone else picks it up! I watch Hart of Dixie on Netflix, but I'm behind a few seasons.

Come to my blog to see new fall tv shows! Maybe it'll cheer you up. :)

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

I stopped watching The Following this season. I mean, without Joe Carroll as a main player... I just lost interest. They beat the story line to death. They did that with Revenge, too... although I've watched it from beginning to end and I'll still miss it!