Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Positive Energy, the No-Guilt Juice

I LOVE juice - give me any kind and I'll drink it. The problem is that juice contains so much sugar. Did you know that some juice is even worse than soda? Such a bummer! When I heard about Positive Energy I was really excited to try it. This juice, which is in the energy drink category, is all natural. It contains no added sugar or artificial flavors, and is GMO and gluten-free. You're probably wondering how it's an energy drink as well as juice. Positive Energy is made with green coffee beans and each bottle contains as much caffeine as one premium coffee. So not only are you drinking actual fruit juice, but you can enjoy the same benefits as a cup of joe!

Wondering about the taste? I'll be honest, at first I missed the real sugar because I consume way too much of it. I don't even like diet sodas. I'm a legit sugar addict and drink Dr. Pepper and all of the really-bad-for-you Starbucks coffees. However, a few gulps in and I really liked the flavor! It felt good knowing that I was getting the same effect as my guilty pleasure drinks, minus the guilt. This is a great replacement if you're trying to stick to healthy options. I also hate energy drinks, but this tastes nothing like the norm. Another bonus in my book!

My favorite flavors are the orange juice and peach mango lemonade. But you should test them out to see which your favorites are! Currently, Positive Energy can be found in stores and gas stations throughout California, Arizona, Utah, Hawaii, Texas and the Pacific Northwest. But if you don't live in those areas - no worries! You can order online in 2, 6, or 12-packs. Be sure to use code “JoinTheGossipPositiveEnergy” for free shipping!



The Southern Thing said...

The peach mango lemonade sounds so good!

C said...

Ooh, I need to find these for Jacob. He's been drinking Monsters lately because he has to work at 5:45 now.