Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Live at The Voice Finale! And the Winner Is...

Jordan Smith is the winner of The Voice Season 9! And Team Adam wins for the third time in the show's nine seasons. Congrats to both, who were very entertaining at the press conference following the finale.

I was at NBCUniversal to experience the final episode of the season, followed by a Q&A with the winners, and it was a great opportunity to share in the excitement of Jordan's win, and get a real feel for his personality. He's sarcastically hilarious by the way - in addition to being humble and dedicated when it comes to his talent and long career ahead.

Coach and contestant have a fun banter and it is obvious that they are comfortable with each other, which could have very well played a part in Jordan's success on the show. Having a close relationship and trust with Adam may have provided the great working relationship that helped Jordan Smith win The Voice.

Jordan Smith and Adam win The Voice Season 9

Overall, I really enjoyed the finale. Here are my highlights:

-Sam Hunt who is amazing to stare at and drool  over
-Coldplay, because Coldplay
-The skits with the Coaches
-The Missy and Pharrell puppets that creeped me out but were also indescribably everything

And finally, I'll just gonna put this right here ;)

Team Adam wins The Voice Season 9

Gifs courtesy of The Voice


Shaunacey Bonneville said...

I NEED to watch the finale!! I have it taped!! loved Jordan from the beginning, so good!

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Dara @ The Southern Thing said...

What an awesome experience! I love The Voice!

Life Through Preppy Glasses said...

my mom and I enjoyed watching this season...we had a feeling Jordan was going to win!

Anonymous said...

So awesome and I am always so jealous that you get to go!

xx Kelly
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