Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Beautiful New England Homes

In addition to New England history, food, culture, and fall foliage, I also adore the homes. Below are all snaps of Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire houses that I took during my solo trip last month. I'm just over here daydreaming about living in any of them! {insert swoon}

Ashby, Massachusetts is the epitome of small town New England
Darling house in Kennenbunkport, Maine
Traditional New England home

Historic Portsmouth, New Hampshire
A New England home in fall
This red door screams Maine
Kennebunkport, Maine in Fall
A New Hampshire Home
Beacon Hill homes
A New England Lobster Door
Beautiful Salem, Massachusetts home

The last photo, of a Salem, Massachusetts home is my favorite of the bunch! Did you see one you like?


The Abstract Life said...

AHhh! Yes! This is what I was referring to about the Northeast and missing its falls. These houses and the weather just makes me happy and miss that part of my life living there during my favorite season. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures! :D

Elle Sees said...

These are so perfect!! Makes me think of my mom's family up North!

Marie said...

So many pretty homes! I love love that home in Salem, I drive past it all the time and always swoon.

R's Rue said...