Sunday, March 12, 2017

Visiting Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, NV
Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, NV
Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, NV

Located just outside Las Vegas, Nevada is the Seven Magic Mountains art exhibit. Although it is essentially painted rocks, it's quite the sight to see. Surrounded by the dull brown background of the desert, the bright pops of color seem extra vibrant. I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

Visiting Seven Magic Mountains
Seven Magic Mountains
Visiting Seven Magic Mountains

Allot at least 30 minutes to check it out and take photos. I was probably there closer to an hour because I was waiting for crowds to clear to take pictures. When I visited on a Thursday around 5pm, there were about 20 people. It's definitely a popular attraction.

If you plan on traveling to Seven Magic Mountains, be sure to do it within the next year, as it's set to end in 2018. There isn't an exact date (that I could find) but the installation is only set for two years and opened May 2016, so I assume it will be gone around May 2018.

Getting there, there are signs to let you know where to exit, but it's a good idea to have an idea of where you are going.

From Las Vegas:
Via I-15 S exit Sloan Rd (exit 25) and turn left to Las Vegas Boulevard. Drive approximately 7 miles south on Las Vegas Blvd. Exhibit is on your left.

From Los Angeles: 
Drive north on I-15 to Jean, NV (exit 12), then take NV-161 east toward Las Vegas Blvd. Drive approximately 5 miles north on Las Vegas Blvd. Exhibit is on your right.


C said...

How cool! Also, how did you get that first shot without any people in it? Haha!

lil desiqua said...

This is awesome! I'm planning a birthday trip to Vegas later this year but since I'm not a huge gambler I was looking for some other attractions in the area. I'll definitely need to check this out, along with a tour of the Neon Museum! Thanks for sharing!

Mica said...

That is a fun piece of art! :) It's a shame it won't be permanent, as it's so popular!

Hope you are having a great week and have a wonderful weekend ahead of you :)

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