Sunday, September 24, 2017

Color-Melted Blonde

color-melted blonde hairstyle

I love my hairdresser! Good ones are not easy to find. Before I started going to mine about two years ago, I went through five. That probably sounds crazy but I want my hair to look good! There's nothing worse than spending hours in a chair and paying a chunk of change, only to be disappointed with the outcome. When I found Cheree at Natural Concepts an AVEDA Salon in Glendora, CA. I was sold on her coloring skills!

I'm always blonde but decided I wanted to try something new for fall so Cheree worked her magic and added some darker hues to my platinum locks. The result is a sombre look that is best described as color-melted hair. As opposed to the hard lines of ombre, this technique is softer, more seamless transition of hues.

color-melted hair
color-melted blonde
sombre blonde hairstyle
sombre blonde

What I love about this look is the variation of rich color. In certain angles I look like a light brunette and in others I still appear blonde. The dimension is amazing. I don't know how Cheree did it, but I am definitely sticking with this look for awhile!

If you live in Southern California, Natural Concepts is in a fairly central location from the Pasadena, Inland Empire, and Orange County areas. Call Cheree to hook you up with the gorgeous look!


Kristin said...

Wow, your hair looks gorgeous!!! I'm still looking for a stylist here in Alexandria but I'm definitely going to add "are you familiar with/good with color melting" to my list of questions!

Nichole @ said...

LOVE! My mom is my hairdresser, and she's just now started to do balayage highlights, and I am totally going to show her this post for inspo!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Gorgeous! Love the different ranges of color <3
Green Fashionista

Marie said...

Ok girl your hair looks GORGEOUS!! I love love love the color!! It looks so amazing on you. Your colorist is very talented. It is so hard to find a good colorist. Love the range of colors she did. It looks gorgeous!

C said...

I love it! I am finally going to ditch my stylist of 9 years because she's been messing up so much in the past year. Last week's cut was the last straw. I have a new one booked for November.