Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day Trip: San Pedro, California

Last weekend my mom and I decided to take a day road trip to San Pedro. Although we live close to Los Angeles, we never really go out there. So, after reading about the many things to do in San Pedro in a Westways Magazine (AAA mag), we decided to embark on a mini-journey.

Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Pedro (which are all lined up in a row) receive the most port traffic in the world. And while people usually think of green grass and palm trees adorning Southern California beaches, we learned that the area actually used to very much be the desert. Luckily, the scenery has changed dramatically in the past two centuries.

First stop on our trip: The Point Fermin Lighthouse--A beautiful home/lighthouse built in 1874 to guide ships in the area. It later served as a lookout tower during WWII.

Next: The Koren Bell of Friendship--Given to the US, by Korea, on our bicentennial to say "thank you" for our country's efforts during the Korean War.

Lastly we went to Ports O' Call to get some fresh seafood from one of the many restaurants that sit against the Pacific Ocean harbor. Unfortunately the place was packed! We decided to head over to Long Beach instead and ended up in the city's affluent community of Belmont Shore.

All in all, in was a great day. It's amazing what you find in your backyard...when you take a look!

(Photos courtesy of: My camera)

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