Tuesday, May 27, 2008

H&M Opens in Chino Hills, Calif.

Last Friday an H&M opened right in my neighborhood and it was a bittersweet event for me. While I adore the store, I can't help but despise the fact that they are opening on almost every corner.

As I stood in the rain for three-and-a-half hours (yup I arrived at 6:30 am and froze 'til 10 am with the rest of the crazy people anxiously awaiting the Chino Hills shopping experience!), I contemplated what this opening meant to me.

I have been a fan of H&M for about two years now. I first visited the store at the Boston location and was immediately hooked. Back then you had to travel to a large city to shop there--so after discovering the retail paradise, I used to drive 45 minutes to visit the Pasadena shop, as it was the closest location to me.

So here's where my fashion dichotomy comes into play: I enjoy being able to drive five miles to shop at H&M, but I hate that it's so easily accessible now!

While I do love me some Forever21, I don't want H&M to turn into a similar clothing chain. It was like a privilege to shop there before, now it's just going to turn into a normal daily activity.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I just crazy?!


KDC Events said...

Oh Leeann...I bet you are in heaven! Lucky gal. Don't spend too much!

Good Girl Gone Shopping said...

I wouldn't say you're crazy, I'll say you're "passionate" about fashion. ;)

Danielle said...

You are definitely not alone. I used to love H&M, but now it's become WAY too mainstream. I remember shopping at the very first U.S. store on 51st street in Manhattan and being barely able to walk because it was so crowded. Now every mall has an H&M and it no longer feels special...lol. AND--it seems like their clothing and accessories have stopped being so fashion-forward and have become more plain jane.