Tuesday, September 2, 2008

90210: Drama, Fashion, and Fine-Looking Actors

As I ranted yesterday, I have been waiting for 90210 to air mainly to confirm my suspicions that the show would bomb. However, after watching two hours of the season premiere, I stand corrected.

Not only are the characters equally likable and loathsome, the plot is similarly predictable, yet well-written.

Full of contradictions, it seems to work for me. I was glued to my TV tonight and will tune in next week for the follow-up episode.

Some points of interest: 1) Ethan is kinda hot, 2) Naomi has fabulous clothes--I want her pearl Chanel necklace and matching earrings, and lastly, 3) two fights and two affairs took place in the first two hours!

Does it get better than that? Well, we'll have to keep watching the season to find out.

Did you watch? If so, did you like 90210?
For those who didn't cath the premire on Tuesday, it re-airs tonight! Check your local listings!

Photo courtesy of: DaemonsTV.com


ashleigh said...

hmm i've heard good things! hopefully they're air it over here in the land down under :)

Budget Beauty Mommy said...

Hey Leeann

I'm the same too. No matter how predictable the plot can be, as long as there are full of plots and drama, no doubt I'm glued to the TV. Hehe I've not seen it yet, but I know once I watch it, I'm so gonna be hooked :)

yummy411 said...

darn i missed it, but your recap will have me watching it next week. wish it was on cable, i'd get the rerun before next week!

check out my blog here ;)

MyFashionAddictions said...

i didnt watch. im afraid to get addicted to one of these shows.:p i'm lazy enough as it is.

but i think since i loved the first one. if i watch this one i will probably like it.

Anonymous said...

Yes I was glued to my TV last night as well. It was a little more unpredictable than expected. Leeann I have to agree Ethan is hot. I am still trying to figure out who the dad is to Kelly's baby.

Kim said...

I watched it to see what the hype might be about.... I never watched the original so I have nothing to compare this to.