Thursday, October 9, 2008

Earthy Scents for Fall

No matter the season, I am an earthy smells kinda gal. I love the scent of amber! I don't know why but it reminds me of my favorite holiday, Halloween. Even though I enjoy this fragrance family year-round, I wanted to bring your attention to two of my favorite perfumes that are perfect for fall.

OK, first up is With Love by Hillary Duff. I know what you're thinking--I'm tired of celebrity scents that aren't that spectacular. But wait! It seriously smells amazing and is quite a steal at only $18.99 at Target. If you like musky scents, this is a must-have. Plus the bottle is adorable.

Also delicious: Sensual Amber by Bath & Body Works. This stuff is so amazing that after I put it on, I literally sniff myself! And you know how B&BW is; you can get this scent in various body sprays and lotions. With the sales that this store always has, you're sure to get a deal on a combo of products. In fact, they are currently offering 2 for $15, or 5 for $30...hello? Amazing!
Does anyone have these fragrances? If not, can you recommend any other amber scents?

Photos courtesy of: Target and Bath & Body Works

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Jillian Hobbs said...

i wish i did so i could advise you!
but i'm not a perfume person... though there is one i love
Dolce and Gabbana lightblue