Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lisa Marie Presley has Twins

I didn't even know that Lisa Marie Presley, 40, was pregnant, but apparently she had twins earlier this week, on October 7. According to People, the baby girls were healthy, weighing in at 5 lbs each. Now they are at home with mom and dad, musician Michael Lockwood.

Presley has four children, two with her first husband, Danny Keough. Her marriage to Lockwood is her fourth marriage. She was also briefly wedded to Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage.

Photo courtesy of: Celebrity Baby Scoop


Jillian Hobbs said...

oh wow! congratulations to her!

yiqin; said...

I think she looks great in the leopard coat!

MlaurenJsully said...

This pisses me off.

The whole reason her and MJ were divorced is because she didn't want to have anymore kids and now she goes and pops out two more after he dies?

Am I the only one who's confused?

Unknown said...

she had the twins while MJ was still alive.
I think the main reason for their divorce was Priscilla and Scientology.
it is just my assumption.